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Godzilla Vs Kong Is Director Adam Wingard’s Star Wars Audition

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Godzilla vs Kong arrives later this month. Yes, it is in many ways the showdown of 2021 cinematically. But it also might be a calling card of sorts for director Adam Wingard. As the filmmaker recently explained, the upcoming blockbusters works, in some ways, as an audition to direct a Star Wars movie at some point down the line.

Adam Wingard has recently been making the rounds to promote Godzilla Vs Kong, which is finally getting released after several delays. During an interview in the most recent issue of Fangoria, Wingard explained that there are some elements of the movie that he hopes might pave the way for him to enter the Star Wars fold at some point. Here’s what he had to say about it.

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“We got to some pretty alien places in this film and we play with physics in ways that are very unique to this movie. In a lot of ways, I think this movie is like my audition to try to direct a Star Wars film at some point.”

Up to this point in his career, Adam Wingard has not directed a movie on this scale. He has directed well-liked movies that became hits such as You’re Next and The Guest. He also took on a franchise with 2016’s Blair Witch. But nothing on this scale or at this budget level. If Godzilla vs Kong turns out to be a hit, this could very well position him as a person who would fit well in the Lucasfilm fold. And, it’s worth pointing out, he wouldn’t be the first director to crossover from the MonsterVerse to a galaxy far, far away.

Gareth Edwards broke out with his micro-budget monster movie Monsters. He then moved up to the big leagues for 2014’s Godzilla, which launched the current iteration of the franchise that will continue in Godzilla vs Kong. Edwards was then tapped by Lucasfilm to helm Rogue One, the first standalone movie in the history of the Star Wars franchise. While the production was a bit rocky, with extensive rewrites and reshoots taking place late in the game, Rogue One was a huge hit, taking in over $1 billion at the box office. It also ranks as one of the most beloved Star Wars movies of the Disney era.

It is also worth noting that there will be a whole lot of Star Wars to go around in the future. Not only does Disney have several release dates set aside for future movies, with Rogue Squadron arriving in 2023, but Disney+ will be home to several shows set within the franchise thanks to the success of The Mandalorian. Those shows, which include Ahsoka, The Book of Boba Fett, Rangers of the New Republic and The Acolyte, among others, will provide lots of filmmakers with the chance to play in that sandbox. In the meantime, Adam Wingard has his Face/Off sequel to occupy some time. You can check out the original post from the Fangoria Twitter account.

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