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Godzilla Vs. Kong Easter Eggs for Die Hard and Lethal Weapon 2 Confirmed

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Easter eggs are fun little details that filmmakers often pepper into their works as a tribute to other films and forms of art that inspired their work. The recently released Godzilla Vs Kong features plenty of such Easter eggs that serve as callbacks to previous monster movies as well as action movies from the ’80s and ’90s. Specifically Die Hard and Lethal Weapon 2, according to the film’s VFX supervisor Bryan Hirota.

“I don’t know if I can think of specific Easter eggs that haven’t been caught. Knocked out, sleeping Kong on the transport ship is also a nod to King Kong vs. Godzilla, but I think people have spotted them all. Adam [Wingard] also has these nods to ’80s action stars, like how Kong jumping off the carrier when Godzilla blows it up is a nod to Bruce Willis in Die Hard, and Kong putting his shoulder back into place is a nod to Martin Riggs’ dislocated shoulder bit from Lethal Weapon 2.”

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The fight between Kong and Godzilla aboard the aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean is a standout of Godzilla vs Kong. The scene also perfectly encapsulates the different approaches to fighting that the two iconic monsters adopt, with Godzilla having the advantage in terms of raw power, and Kong using his wits to gain the upper hand.

In a past interview, the director of the film, Adam Wingard had explained that Kong’s role as the plucky underdog reminded him of action heroes from the ’80s and ’90s, which is why he felt referencing Die Hard would be a fitting tribute.

“I always saw Kong in this film as an ’80s action hero or an early ’90s Shane Black action hero. I’m a big fan of that style of action where the action hero is this guy who’s down on his luck. Godzilla is way more powerful than [Kong]. And then on top of that, we’ve put Kong on the ocean. This is Godzilla’s element. So the stakes and the danger level are already high for this character, but then you want to amplify that. And the inspiration for that really comes from Die Hard more than anything. That’s why the movie has a Die Hard reference here and there from a visual standpoint.”

While Kong may not have a gun like John McClane or a cool catchphrase in Godzilla vs. Kong, the giant ape gets his own giant, badass battle-axe, and proves that he could be just as resourceful as McClane when fighting against the odds. Even if the odds take the shape of an unstoppable juggernaut of power and destruction that is the mighty Godzilla.

Directed by Adam Wingard and written by Eric Pearson and Max Borenstein, Godzilla vs. Kong features a lead cast consisting of Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, and Brian Tyree Henry. The film is now playing in theaters and on HBO Max. This news originated at ScreenRant.

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