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Glenn Howerton Dives Into Playing Archenemy Villain, It’s Always Sunny Legacy & Mr. Bungle [Exclusive]

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This isn’t the Glenn Howerton we know from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and A.P. Bio. In the new superhero thriller Archenemy, the man, who likes to think of himself as a ‘character actor’, takes on an almost unrecognizable persona as the main villain The Manager in director Adam Egypt Mortimer’s scrappy action adventure which arrives in theaters and on PVOD streaming this weekend.

This isn’t the only time Glenn Howerton has gone somewhat incognito during the pandemic. He was most recently seen in the live Halloween concert film Mr. Bungle: The Night They Came Home, playing a creepy fan of the iconic band. This marks a new era for Howerton, who loves slipping into characters where you might not recognize him right off the bat.

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Archenemy is a greasy piece of genre fun that turns superhero movies on their head. Its story could have served a big budget action set piece from the likes of Marvel or DC, but Adam Egypt Mortimer is taking things in a new direction. Perhaps smaller, but none the less ambitious as the fast food comic book movies that used to crowd multiplexes pre-pandemic.

Archenemy stars Joe Manganiello as a street nomad who claims to be an extraterrestrial from another dimension. Named Max Fist, he likes to tell people he fell through time and space only to land on earth, where he has no super powers. No one believes his stories except for a local teen named Hamster. The pair team up, and that’s where Glenn Howerton comes in, playing the main villain The Manager, who has some surprises in store for both Max, Hamster and the audience.

Glenn Howerton recently sat down with Paulington James Christensen III to discuss his role as The Manager, which falls perfectly in line with Howerton’s past ledger of crazy films, which include Crank, The Strangers, Everything Must Go, Coffee Town, and The Hunt. One of the actor’s most distinguishing traits is his ability to die on screen, a fate that consumes most of his on-screen characters. And the same is true with Archenemy. If you think Glenn Howerton is going to live through this movie, you obviously haven’t seen a Glenn Howerton movie before.

Howerton not only dives deep into his role as The Manager in Archenemy, he also shares behind-the-scenes secrets from his recent work with Mr. Bungle. He also touches on the recent announcement that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been renewed for four more seasons. Don’t expect that to be all though. As Howerton tells it, he plans on making It’s Always Sunny episodes until he is no longer on this earth.

Archenemy is in select theaters this weekend, and will be playing on Drive-In screens across the country. With many people still on lockdown, Archenemy is also getting a simultaneous release On Digital and On Demand December 11, 2020. So there is no excuse to miss this unique and depraved twist on the typical superhero adventure. It’s worth watching for Glenn Howerton alone.

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