This is Giulio Beltramo’s fourth release as an independent composer, lyricist and artist. From the outset Giulio has been influenced strongly by the Alternative music genre, in its allowance of expressive lyrics and more explorative melodic and harmonic composition.

Play This Game is a song about the brief moments of an encounter with someone. A moment that may be romantically inclined, yet you are unsure about the reality of the situation, blurred by norms, sexuality, gender and society. It is referential to his previous two singles What A Mess and Heartbreak I’ve Become, in using those heartbreak and emotional standpoints to launch the final single of the series of three. A more optimistic song, exploring the game of love and life.

Giulio’s musical journey began in 2017 with the release of his debut album Upside Down Inside Out. This was an essential learning opportunity for the artist and took him to the United Kingdom on a mini-tour, performing at various spots round the country including the 02 Academy Islington.

Upon his return Giulio embarked on the production process of What A Mess, the artist’s second release with over 100,000 streams and 80 radio spins. The song was too featured on Apple Music’s Best of the Week as well as Alternative Music Hot Tracks, and on Spotify was featured on the New Music Friday and Chilled Music playlist, the 9 to 5 Editorial Playlist, as well as Future Fresh Mzansi.

The artists first release of 2019 was Heartbreak I’ve Become which has already clocked well over 58k streams since its release (26/04/19).The track was featured on Apple Music’s best of the week playlist as well as Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, and too has been playlisted on local and international Radio Station, already with 158 radio spins.

Heartbreak I’ve become and the music video was also been nominated for 3 awards at the Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival (best emerging talent, best soundtrack, best art direction). This has been the most personally referential song of the artist, and has garnered widespread attention for its punchy lyrics and melody.

Giulio has been steadily growing his audience and fan base with various concerts across the country, as well as being featured on a Popsicle TV session and hosted on the Expresso Morning Show.

Play This Game marks the artist’s second release for 2019 and is to be accompanied with a music video releasing in mid-august.

The artist has been working in studio with producers Colin Sher and Edward Howard at Cosher Studios (Cape Town) towards an upcoming EP, which is set to drop in November.






Heartbreak I’ve Become Music Video