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Ghostbusters: Afterlife Cereal Is Unleashing Ectoplasm Marshmallows in Stores Now

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A new Ghostbusters: Afterlife cereal produced by General Mills has started appearing on store shelves in the United States. Featuring the official Ghostbusters branding on a black background with an appearance from the Stay Puft Mini-Pufts, the box alone is a work of art. The cereal is made up of red spherical corn puffs with blue and white ghost-shaped marshmallows. Let’s just hope it’s as delicious as it looks.

Per the press release, the Ghostbusters cereal “borrows inspiration from the upcoming movie release which is a continuation of the iconic 80’s flick, premiering later this year. In anticipation for the sequel, enjoy fruity flavored sweetened corn puffs with ghost and ectoplasm-shaped marshmallows. Who you gonna call?! Ghostbusters!”

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Ghostbusters Afterlife cereal

Other tie-in food items and collectibles coinciding with this year’s release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife are also on the way. Twinkies with blue slime cream filling are also reportedly set to hit store shelves this year, but it’s not clear when those will be arriving. Also revealed this month is a new toyline for Afterlife from Hasbro, which includes an array of collectible Mini-Pufts that come in many different mischievous poses.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is directed by Jason Reitman, son of original Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II helmer Ivan Reitman. The screenplay was co-written by Jason and Gil Kenan with the story set in the same universe as the first two movies. Picking up over three decades later, the story follows a family relocating to a farm inherited from a deceased relative only to discover their link to the legendary Ghostbusters team.

Leading the cast of the new movie will be Carrie Coon, Mckenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard, and Logan Kim. Paul Rudd also stars as a teacher obsessed with the original Ghostbusters. As a direct sequel, the movie will also bring back many fan favorites from the first two movies including Bill Murray as Peter Venkman, Dan Aykroyd as Ray Stantz, Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddemore, Annie Potts as Janine Melnitz, and Sigourney Weaver as Dana Barrett. The characters will also pay tribute to Egon Spengler, played by the late Harold Ramis.

“It really has the feel of the first one, more than the second one or the girls’ one,” Murray said of Afterlife in an interview with Collider. “It has a different feel than two out of four. I think he’s really got something. It was hard. It was really hard. That’s why I think it’s gonna be good… It will be worth seeing.”

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is scheduled to be released in theaters on Nov. 11, 2021. This release date followed multiple delays with the long-awaited sequel originally set to premiere last summer. Given the returning stars and the levels of excitement from fans surrounding the upcoming movie, odds are it will prove to be a big hit at the box office.

The new Ghostbusters cereal is said to start hitting U.S. store shelves in early-to-mid April for a limited time, and some fans have started to see them popping up in the cereal aisles. Boxes come in both Family Size and Mid-Size. This information comes to us from Ghostbusters News.

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