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Gal Gadot Thinks Wonder Woman 3 Needs to Move Out of the Past and Into the Present

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So far in her standalone franchise, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman has fought in World War I, and will soon be transported to the 1980s in upcoming sequel Wonder Woman 1984. While these different time periods have provided a unique backdrop for Gadot’s comic book ventures, the actress and producer would prefer for Diana Prince to stick with the modern day should Wonder Woman 3 ever materialise, believing that “the present is the right thing.”

“I wouldn’t go, like, to the ’60s or to the ’40s with Wonder Woman. I feel like the past has been handled well, and now it’s time to move on.”

Wonder Woman does not completely lack big screen experience with the modern age, with Gal Gadot having crossed paths with both Batman and Superman in director Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and 2017’s superhero team up Justice League, both of which saw the Amazonian warrior thrown down in something resembling the present day. The settings in both Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984 have not only provided interesting back drops to the superhero action, they have also proven to be integral to the plot and production design, so it will be interesting to see how this carries over to the foibles and advancements of modern day.

As for Wonder Woman 3, returning director Patty Jenkins expects the threequel to be her last DC movie, and has previously revealed that she has already written up the story. “I actually came up with a story, and Geoff Johns and I beat out an entire story for Wonder Woman 3 that we were super fired up about,” Jenkins told CinemaBlend. “But I’ve never felt this way before as much as I do now. I don’t think I’m doing it next, and so I sort of have to wait and see where we are in the world. It’s interesting. What I wanted to talk about in this film [WW84] was very prescient to what I was feeling, and what you were feeling, was coming. So now? I’m not sure. So much has changed in the world.”


Jenkins added, “I still love the story that we came up with. I’m sure that parts of it would come over to it. But I’m trying to say, ‘Don’t decide.’ Don’t fall in love with anything. ‘What would Wonder Woman do now?’ What are you craving Wonder Woman to do in this world?”

Whether Jenkins’ story is used or not remains to be seen, but the idea of a standalone Wonder Woman adventure set in the present day would certainly wrap up the decade-spanning trilogy rather nicely.

Until then, Wonder Woman 1984 picks up with the Amazonian superhero in the 1980s and finds Diana Prince living during the height of the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The highly anticipated sequel finds Diana coming into conflict with not one, but two formidable foes in the form of Barbara Ann Minerva aka Cheetah and the mysterious media mogul Maxwell Lord. If that was not already enough for her to contend with, Diana will also be reunited with her former love-interest Steve Trevor, who has returned from the dead under mysterious, and possibly nefarious circumstances.

Wonder Woman 1984 is due for release in theaters and on HBO Max on December 25. This comes to us from MTV News.

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