On June 17, filmmaker A.J. Edwards debuts his third feature, a coming-of-age drama titled First Love. But while audiences will see his vision on the big screen, they won’t hear it.

After turning in a cut of the film, he was informed by Voltage Pictures that the score, by Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire, would be replaced with one by composer George Kallis, of the After franchise.

“My hope is simply that the true form of this film does have a future and does have an audience, and, at the very least, I want people to know about it. [Parry] did beautiful work, and it melds the performances and the heart of the film in the way it was intended.” Voltage declined to comment.

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First Love, directed by A.J. Edwards, stars Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Sydney Park. Courtesy of Voltage Pictures

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