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Finland’s “naked” Eurovision act Windows95Man draws comparison to Bart Simpson

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Finland’s “naked” Eurovision entrant Windows95Man quickly drew comparisons to a famous Bart Simpson moment when the singer took to the stage this weekend.

Windows95man – real name Teemu Keisteri – performed at the song contest’s grand final at Malmö Arena, Sweden on Saturday (May 11), where Switzerland’s Nemo ultimately won.

Dressed in a Windows 95 cap and T-shirt for his song ‘No Rules!’, Windows95man was seemingly naked from the bottom half down and kept up the illusion with some help from the cameramen and his dancers.

He even faked a NSFW ‘reveal’ to the live crowd before his denim shorts were lowered down for the outfit chance.

While behind-the-scenes pictures reveal that the singer was wearing a pair of skin-coloured modesty underwear, the stunt reminded viewers of the famous moment in The Simpsons Movie where Bart is skateboarding naked through town – and also protected by a series of objects before a brief reveal.

“In case you have missed Finland’s performance at the Eurovision song contest tonight, it was pretty much a butt naked inspired Simpson episode and people loved it,” one X user wrote.

“This is basically every Simpsons episode that involves nudity,” another wrote.

BBC commentator Graham Norton also gave his take on the gag, telling the audience (via Yahoo!): “I would normally find a song like this quite resistible, but I have to say when I was in the arena for the semi-final the other night, I really liked the silly, I just really embraced the silly and it was joyful and lovely… and distracting and great.

“You’ve seen quite a lot of male nudity tonight… well, stand by for some more!” he added. “I should say though, don’t worry, even if there are accidents and things, there’s a flesh-coloured patch in place so you won’t get an eyeful”.

This year’s competition was steeped in controversy for allowing Israel to compete amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza, where more than 35,000 Palestinians have been killed since the October 7 attack.

Many fans called for viewers and entrants to boycott this year. Irish entrant Bambie Thug attempted to make their pro-Palestinian stance known in protest through the event.

They were forced to remove the words ‘ceasefire’ and ‘freedom for Palestine’ in a medieval script from their costume due to Eurovision’s political neutrality clause. A now-deleted TikTok showed Bambie reacting to the decision, telling the camera: “It’s fucked up”.

The artist also declared “fuck the EBU” in a post-Eurovision press interview. Additionally, the Irish singer-songwriter also claimed the Israeli broadcaster KAN “incited violence against me twice, three times”, accusing Eurovision organisers of “not supporting” them amidst the claims.

Portuguese Eurovision entry Iolanda’s video was also reportedly replaced with previous footage due to “pro-Palestine motifs” on her nails.

UK entrant Olly Alexander’s involvement was particularly controversial, after hundreds of queer artists, individuals and organisations called on the singer to join the boycott in solidarity with Palestine. The singer ultimately participated and finished in 18th place, but received zero points from the public.

During Nemo’s appearance at the post-show press conference, they took the opportunity to criticise the competition’s policy of not allowing non-binary flags into the arena.

“I had to smuggle my flag in because Eurovision said no, but I did it anyway, so I hope some people did that too,” they said. “But, I mean, come on, this is clearly a double standard.”

Eurovision ratings plunged this year amidst the controversies and Palestine solidarity boycott.

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