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Fathom Events Is Bringing 12 Big Screen Classics to Movie Theaters in 2021

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Fathom Events had grand designs for 2020, but those plans ended early when a global pandemic spread far and wide last March. Things have been touch and go ever since, with theaters closing, reopening, and reclining across the nation for the past 9 months. Now, Fathom Events is ready to get back to providing classic entertainment as they have officially announced their TCM Big Screen Classics Series for 2021. This epic event will be bringing a dozen cinematic masterworks to theaters nationwide starting this January. And they are kicking it all off with the 1941 masterpiece The Maltese Falcon, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary.

Next year, film aficionados can enjoy a yearlong journey spanning nine decades of cinema history, through a dozen of some of the movie industry’s greatest titles, as& Fathom Events and& Turner Classic Movies& present the seventh annual& TCM Big Screen Classics series. Featuring acclaimed films released from 1941 to 1996, and encompassing legendary dramas, iconic musicals, beloved comedies, a thrilling adventure, a stylish film noir, a stirring epic, a crackling mystery, and a suspenseful horror, the TCM Big Screen Classics& series has something for everyone in 2021.

Each film is presented with pristine digital projection, movie-theater-quality sound, and in its original aspect ratio, as they were intended by the filmmakers. The TCM Big Screen Classics series is further enhanced with fascinating pre- and post-feature insights presented by popular TCM hosts, including TCM Primetime host& Ben Mankiewicz.

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