This is probably the lowest Tom Brady has been in our fantasy QB rankings since his rookie year, but a lack of production mixed with a brutal matchup with Buffalo has sent him tumbling. That’s fine, though — most owners in their Week 16 championship games aren’t counting on him anyway. 

Brady isn’t the only big-name QBs who’s way down our rankings. Jared Goff (@ 49ers), Baker Mayfield (vs. Ravens), Derek Carr (@ Chargers), Kirk Cousins (vs. Packers), Josh Allen (@ Patriots), and Carson Wentz (vs. Cowboys) are all outside our top 15. Guys replacing them include Andy Dalton (@ Dolphins), Ryan Fitzpatrick (vs. Bengals), Mitchell Trubisky (vs. Chiefs), Drew Lock (vs. Lions), and Gardner Minshew (@ Falcons).

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Obviously, you’re taking a risk if you start any of them, but the matchups are there. You’re taking just as big of a risk starting any of the bigger name QBs, as they’ve all been inconsistent and have much tougher matchups. Hopefully you don’t have to deal with this and can just start someone like Lamar Jackson (@ Browns), Deshaun Watson (@ Buccaneers) or Patrick Mahomes (@ Bears). 

There are multiple schools of thought when it comes to “never sit your studs” vs. “play the matchups”, but there is no perfect strategy. Watch the weather reports, use common sense, and when in doubt, go with your gut. 

Reminder: Check back for rankings updates throughout the week.

  • Ravens @ Browns

  • Seahawks vs. Cardinals

  • Texans @ Buccaneers

  • Chiefs @ Bears

  • Buccaneers vs. Texans

  • Cowboys @ Eagles

  • Titans vs. Saints

  • Falcons vs. Jaguars

  • Saints @ Titans

  • Chargers vs. Raiders

  • Packers @ Vikings

  • Cardinals @ Seahawks

  • Dolphins vs. Bengals

  • Bengals @ Dolphins

  • Bears vs. Chiefs

  • Broncos vs. Lions

  • Jaguars @ Falcons

  • 49ers vs. Rams

  • Vikings vs. Packers

  • Eagles vs. Cowboys

  • Colts vs. Panthers

  • Bills @ Patriots

  • Raiders @ Chargers

  • Rams @ 49ers

  • Giants @ Redskins

  • Browns vs. Ravens

  • Patriots vs. Bills

  • Steelers @ Jets

  • Redskins vs. Giants

  • Jets vs. Steelers

  • Panthers @ Colts

  • Lions @ Broncos

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