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Evil Dead: The Game Trailer Is Here, Bruce Campbell Is Back as Ash

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Evil Dead: The Game was officially unveiled at The Game Awards 2020, introducing a groovy new way for horror fans to enjoy the iconic movie franchise. Developed by Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games, an official reveal trailer was also released, providing a peek at the graphics and gameplay of the upcoming game. Familiar faces, objects, and locations from the movie series also return for the game as seen in the trailer, which includes Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams along with his 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88.

“I’m excited to be strapping on the chainsaw one more time,” Campbell said of Evil Dead: The Game. “Boss Team and Saber Interactive are planning a huge immersive dealio, and I knew I had to come back. You’ll be able to step into my shoes and kick some Deadite ass!”

Evil Dead: The Game is a multiplayer title offering both co-operative and player-vs-player gameplay. Each round will consist of teams of four working together to “seal the breach between worlds,” though it’s not yet clear what exactly the steps will be to make that happen. Meanwhile, others will “take control of the powerful Kandarian Demon to hunt Ash and his friends while possessing Deadites, the environment, and even the survivors themselves.”

In a move that’s sure to satisfy the fans, the game will feature all kinds of cool inclusions inspired by the Evil Dead movies. The trailer reveals a look at the iconic cabin that’s featured in the first two movies and the Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series. Other Easter eggs, like the Necromonicon and the mounted deer head, can also be spotted in the footage. There’s even a knight from Army of Darkness that appears in the trailer, suggesting a range of other playable characters for players to control besides Ash.


The game seems to be inspired in part by the success of Friday the 13th: The Game, which debuted on PC and consoles in 2017. That game pits teams of seven camp counselors against one player controlling Jason Voorhees, with the former attempting to escape while the latter tries to kill everyone. The Friday the 13th legal battle put an end to any new content being added to that title, but its success seems to be resulting in other popular horror franchises getting similar multiplayer games.

After Starz canceled Ash vs. Evil Dead, Campbell announced that he was retiring from playing Ash in any more live-action projects. He was clearly still open to doing voice work for the character, as seen by his previous inclusion in the horror multiplayer game Dead by Daylight. There had been rumors of an Evil Dead video game in the works as well, but not until now have we gotten any official confirmation, let alone a trailer and all of these details. Let’s hope more information is soon forthcoming.

Evil Dead: The Game will be released in 2021 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. The trailer for the game comes to us from IGN on YouTube.

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