July 2, 2020 [France]

Les Eurockéennes 2020

Event info

Date: July 2, 2020
Location: France
Address: Lac du Malsaucy Belfort
Website: https://www.eurockeennes.fr
Event: https://web.facebook.com/Eurocks/

The independent Les Eurockeenes in Eastern France is also one of the largest multi-genre music festivals in the country. With a focus on solidarity and sharing, the non-profit fest remains committed to offering an affordable musical experience to everyone.

Les Eurockéennes is a long-running, multi-genre music festival held each summer in Belfort, northeastern France. Now in its fourth decade, the festival has established itself as one of France’s – and indeed one of Europe’s – biggest and most revered.

The lineups have a big part to play in that, with international stars populating the programme year on year, alongside an array of smaller and emerging talent.

And the setting certainly doesn’t hurt either, with the four days of music taking place amidst the stunning surrounds of a woodland peninsula in the Lac du Malsaucy.