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Ernie Hudson Wants to Return as Monroe Kelly in Congo 2

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Ernie Hudson is game to return as Monroe Kelly in Congo 2 if a sequel to the 1995 movie ever gets made. Directed by Frank Marshall and written by John Patrick Shanley, Congo is based on the original Michael Crichton novel of the same name. It starred Hudson as Captain Monroe Kelly, the leader of a group tasked with searching the vicious gorilla-filled Congo to find a missing diamond-hunting team.

Speaking with, Ernie Hudson was asked which character from his career he’d most like to revisit in a new movie, and this is what the Congo star had to say.

“Well, the character in Congo, I just had a lot of fun with the character, and, unfortunately, the studio … I don’t know. It did well at the box office, but I’d love to do that character [again]. It probably won’t happen, but I’d love to recreate that character or revisit that character, revisit that scenario, once again, in a different part of the world, but more of an adventure. I’d like to do an adventure film, so that character I’d love to see again.”

“And The Crow was … it’s hard to even think about revisiting that after what happened [to Brandon Lee]. But, yeah, probably Congo would be the one that I’d love to do, certainly not just substitute. There are a few that I don’t think I’d want to revisit, but Congo, I think I would.”

Another reason why Hudson is keen on revisiting Captain Kelly is that Congo fans continue to tell him how much they love the movie to this day. On Cameo, where Hudson frequently provides personal video messages to his fans, the actor is consistently asked to do videos in character as Kelly. As Hudson explains:

“Now I do these Cameo things, which is a lot of fun, and, really, during this quarantine, it connected me to the audience, and surprisingly, a lot of people will ask you, ‘Can you do it as Monroe Kelly?’ A lot of different movies come up, but Congo is one that people will say is their favorite movie. It’s certainly in the minds of people, so that’s good.”

Who knows if we’ll ever see Hudson heading back to the Congo, but this year will see him returning to another iconic role from his career. For the third time, he’ll be back on the big screen as Winston Zeddemore in the upcoming sequel Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Directed by Jason Reitman, the new movie serves as a sequel to the original two Ghostbusters movies and will bring along several original cast members. Along with Hudson, other familiar faces that can be seen in the sequel include Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, and Annie Potts. The movie is scheduled to be released on June 11, 2021.

Whether you love Hudson best from Ghostbusters, Congo, Oz, or any other of his many movie and TV roles, you can have him revisit any that you like in a personal video that you can order directly from the actor on Cameo. This news comes to us from

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