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Enter Shikari surprise drop companion album ‘Moratorium’—listen

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Enter Shikari have treated fans to the ultimate surprise this week. On April 16, they dropped Moratorium (Broadcasts From The Interruption), a companion album to their 2020 LP Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible.

Moratorium, which arrives exactly one year after the release of their last full-length, is a compilation of numerous home studio sessions, acoustic renditions and various performances Enter Shikari recorded over the past year.

Enter Shikari released Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible amid the COVID-19 pandemic last year. As a result, they were unable to hit the road and perform the new songs for fans. Back in May, frontman Rou Reynolds opened up exclusively to Alternative Press about how not being able to tour has impacted him.

“It’s just been so surreal,” Reynolds tells Alternative Press. “I haven’t gone this amount of time without seeing the rest of the band members since, like, 2005. It’s just really odd. Not being able to celebrate the album release with them was frustrating. I think our management, our whole team… it’s been a real cocktail of emotions. Because obviously, I’m excited that finally the music is being released into the world because it’s something that we put our heart into for the whole of 2019. More time and effort went into making this album than any of the others. So I’m super excited to bring it out and get people’s reactions and let it out into the world.”

Eventually, Enter Shikari found themselves turning toward other creative avenues to stay busy and keep listeners engaged. The band soon kicked off their Live At Home series where they performed songs off of their 2020 album such as “The Great Unknown” and “Rat Race.”

“With no live shows and no real contact with the rest of the band, it was nice to at least be able to do some remote sessions together,” Reynolds says in a press release. “It was also interesting to develop acoustic and alternative versions of some of the new tracks. These performances went some way to filling the gaping hole in our lives.”

Now, Enter Shikari have combined some of their recent recordings and performances to create their new album Moratorium (Broadcasts From The Interruption). The LP features their Live At Home performances as well as a few other special tracks.

Back in July, Reynolds gave two solo electric performances of “Live Outside” and “the pressure’s on.” for 2000treesvirtual festival 2000screens. For Moratorium, Reynolds remixed and mastered the performances and incorporated them into the album’s final tracklisting. Additionally, Reynolds also teamed up with the Sofia Session Orchestra for two captivating acoustic renditions of “{The Dreamer’s Hotel}” and “Heroes.”

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“After creating an acoustic version of ‘{The Dreamer’s Hotel}’ to play during lockdown livestreams, I began to think that this rather dulcet adaption could benefit from some orchestral parts,” Reynolds says in a press release. “I love composing and it was a joy to work with the Sofia Session Orchestra, who, as you’ll hear, nailed it.”

Moratorium (Broadcasts From The Interruption) is available to stream below and on digital streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music here.

Additionally, on July 16, Enter Shikari are releasing a limited edition physical version of the album. As well, a deluxe 2-disc edition of Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible featuring both LPs will also be released. Pre-orders for the physical albums are available here.

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