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Dreamy New WandaVision Posters Take MCU Fans Further Down the Rabbit Hole

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Marvel Studios has released some new retro posters for WandaVision. One, in particular, seems to be fueling fan speculation over the show’s mystery. Disney+ premiered the first two episodes of the new series late last week and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are trying to figure out exactly what is going on, which should come as no surprise. So far, fans have been treated to the MCU’s version of a sitcom from the 1950s and then another in the 1960s, with no overt connections to the MCU, aside from the two main characters and some interesting clues. There are SPOILERS for WandaVision below, so read ahead at your own risk.

With the first two episodes of WandaVision set in the world of classic sitcoms, Marvel Studios decided to throw some commercials into the mix, which these new posters work off of. In the first poster, which looks like an old print ad, we see Wanda Maximoff smiling with a black and white television. The poster reads: “A signal so smooth… you’ll think you’re in a dream.” The emphasis is definitely on the “dream” aspect and fans are still trying to figure out if Wanda is stuck in a dream world, either one she created, or one that she is being held captive in.

The WandaVision posters certainly aren’t giving anything away, but they are inviting further investigation. The second poster features Vision, and it is also an ad for a black and white television. However, there is no real clue like the first poster. When watching the show, MCU fans began looking for further answers in the commercials. The first one that we are treated to comes to us courtesy of Stark Industries. The commercial is for a toaster, the “new and improved ToastMate 2000.” Though the first episode is in black and white, the red light on the toaster is featured as a beeping noise continues in the background. The beeping noise sounds similar to a bomb and the ad ends with “Forget the past, this is your future.” Some MCU fans think this commercial is a reference to when Wanda and her twin brother Pietro, aka Quiksilver, lost their parents to a bombing when they were only children. The two later stared at an unexploded bomb shell that had the word “Stark” written on the side of it.

The second commercial is for the Strucker watch, which is a direct reference to Hydra head Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. The watch even has the Hydra logo on it. The mastermind is the one behind the experiments on Wanda and Pietro, so many are wondering how this all fits in to WandaVision as a whole. Is this really a dream world that Wanda has created? For now, that is unclear, but we should receive some more answers this week with episode 3. You can check out the two new WandaVision posters above, thanks to the official Marvel Studios Twitter account.


WandaVision poster #1
WandaVision poster #2

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