The best part of baking cookies involves zero baking, and anyone who says differently is lying. One of life’s sweetest pleasures is raw cookie dough—fresh out of the tube and sticking blissfully to your fingers—and starting next week, there’s a new dessert café that’ll give us exactly that. 

Small-batch cookie-dough delivery service Edoughble is going brick-and-mortar on Monday, launching a 900-square-foot dessert shop scooping ice cream, slinging chocolate truffles and, of course, offering the company’s all-natural cookie doughs in 10 flavors at a time.

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If you’re suddenly hearing your mom’s voice in your head telling you not to eat raw egg, tell that voice that Edoughble’s got it all figured out: Founder Rana Lustyan’s been making egg-free, vegan-friendly cookie dough since 2013, and these sweets are safe from salmonella. Some varieties are also free of gluten, making these cups and cones of cookie dough safe for most allergies and dietary restrictions.

Starting next week, you can find Lustyan’s creations in rotating flavors such as chocolate chip, sugar cookie, peanut butter cup, s’mores and espresso, and they’ll be available ready to eat all by their lonesome, speckled with toppings or in build-your-own sundae form. 

Cookie dough will range from $4 for a single scoop to $7.50 for a sundae. 

Can’t wait until next Monday? You can order Edoughble online here, or if you’re closer to Burbank, stop by like-minded dessert shop Cookie Dough Dreams.

Edoughble is set to open on Monday, December 9, at 2625 S. Robertson with hours of 11am to 9pm Sunday to Friday, and noon to 10pm Saturday.

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