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Drake announces surprise new album ‘Scary Hours 3’ is dropping tonight

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Drake has announced the surprise release of his new album, ‘Scary Hours 3’, which will drop at midnight tonight (November 17).

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With less than a day to go, the musician shared a short trailer for the record on Instagram, in which he says, “I feel no need to appease anybody.”

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“I feel so confident about the body of work that I just dropped,” he continued.

‘Scary Hours 3’ will be the follow up to ‘Scary Hours 2’, an EP released in March 2021, and itself the sequel to 2018’s ‘Scary Hours’.

It is only six weeks since the Canadian released his latest studio album, ‘For All the Dogs’, which included the singles ‘Slime You Out’, ‘8AM in Charlotte’ and ‘Rich Baby Daddy’.

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In the aftermath of that release, Drake announced that he intended to be taking a break from making music, saying that he needed to prioritise his health.

The trailer for ‘Scary Hours 3’ continues: “I know I could go disappear for, whatever, six months, a year, two years—even though I’m not really into the super lengthy disappearances for the sake of mystery. But, you know, ultimately, it’s coming to me in a way that I haven’t experienced maybe since, like, If You’re Reading This, where I feel like I’m on drugs.”

“I feel like I’m in that mental state without doing anything. I did those songs in the last five days. I didn’t have one bar written down for those songs on the night that For All the Dogs dropped. It’s not like I’m picking up from some unfinished shit. You know, this is just happening on its own. And who am I to fight it?”

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In a two-star review of ‘For All The Dogs’, NME wrote: “Lyrically, Drake’s most toxic traits are wholly on display here. In the early days of his career, these things might have been easier to overlook due to his self-effacing tendencies or underdog schtick. Any boyish charm has abandoned him on ‘For All The Dogs’ though, instead replaced with bitterness, pettiness and finger-pointing at the supposed flaws of women in Drake’s life.”

Drake announced a 2024 tour with J Cole this week, which is set to take place in January.

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