Compromising of Dylan von Plato (who lives between Italy and RSA) and Jozi resident Russel Elms the guys met through a mutual friend, actor Thabo Andrew Remetsi II. Dylan influenced by the likes of Eminem, Kendrick, Tupac and NF had been writing rhymes for several years and Russell had been producing and writing his own material. The guys instantly connected and DK:RX was born. DK:RX blends different genres, old style rap and hip hop into a unique sound all their own.

DK:RX is Hip Hop for the millennial’s

What you want is fresh, and exciting and creates a new anthem for the Hip Hop scene so remember in the words of DK:RX ‘SWITCH LANES


I was born and spent the first six years of my life in Johannesburg, South Africa. I moved to Italy with my mom, step-dad and sister when I was 6 and went to school in Verona and Padua. My main musical influences are Eminem, NF Logic, Kendrick Lamar and Ski Mask the Slump God.

Music has always been a big part of my life and writing helps me to express how I feel and what I think. After I started writing I found out that I subconsciously made rhyme schemes and some rhetorical figures and I loved the feeling.

Working with RX was amazingly fun. It taught me so much. I felt like we worked really well together, there was good chemistry and our two different types of technical knowledge and skill sets worked extremely well in combination, completing each other.

Russell X

My major influences that got me to fall in love with music were artists like Tory lanes, lil Wayne and drake just to name a few. I got introduced to music through a friend who owned a studio and was a recording artist himself, at first I thought it wasn’t for me up until my buddy convinced me to make a song, from that moment on I couldn’t stop…taught myself everything from beat making, to recording, singing and engineering and I’m still learning today

My experience working with Dylan keeps me on edge and always excited because I never know what to expect from him because he’s unlike any artist I’ve worked with due to the fact that he adapts fast. ‘What You Want’ was one of those gems that came from him and I being locked in studio together for 2 days

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Record Label : The Rockstar Group / Rockstar TV

Name of Artist:  DK:RX

Single Name : What You Want

Composer / Writer: Dylan von Plato and Russell Elms

Publisher: Sheer Publishing