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Disneyland’s Avengers Campus Looks Even More Marvelous Lit Up at Night

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Disneyland and California Adventure have started testing the lighting systems for their Avengers Campus and it looks awesome. The California theme park has been closed since March 2020, right before the big opening day announcement for the Marvel-themed expansion, which was supposed to debut last summer. In the time since, workers have been able to take their time and perfect the new area of the park that is now scheduled to open at some point this year.

All of Disneyland looks great at night, so the Avengers Campus was already going in with the bar set incredibly high. Earlier this week, the theme park started testing out the lighting, which even from Downtown Disney, looks awesome. One Marvel Cinematic Universe fan was able to sneak some video, which clearly shows off the WEB building, aka the new spot where the Spider-Man ride will be located. It’s not clear what else is shown, other than the Guardians of the Galaxy ride, which has always looked great all lit up.

In addition to the Spider-Man ride, the Avengers Campus will also feature a Doctor Strange ride, along with a Quinjet ride, which will open during the new area of the park’s phase 2. Regardless, between Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, there will already be a lot to do for MCU fans who will be able to interact with some of their favorite superheroes. In addition to the rides and experiences, park visitors will also have a few food and beverage places, including the Pym Test Kitchen.

When it comes down to it, Disneyland’s Avengers Campus looks a lot like the concept art, which is impressive. As for when the California theme parkswill be able to open again, that is unclear, though some California Legislators are pushing a bill to make it a lot sooner than Governor Gavin Newsom has tried to make it. Disney has already announced that Avengers Campus will open this year, though they did not announce a date, due to the tier system that Newsom has in place. If the new bill passes, all California theme parks will be able to open with 25% capacity, which could be within the next few months.


Obviously, the public health crisis is still complicating things. Disney is pushing for their California park to open since Walt Disney World has been going strong since last summer. The Florida park is open at a lower capacity and has been complying with safety regulations, including temperature checks and mandatory masks for all visitors. While Avengers Campus will more than likely open this year, it’s going to be a hot ticket for anybody trying to get into any of the parks on any given day. Expect sellout days and long waiting lists when the time comes. Until then, you can check out the new area of the park all lit up above, thanks to The Discover Magic Instagram account.

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