Leading up to Diamond Thug’s release of their debut Album which comes out on the 6th April 2018,  here is there fourth single titled ‘Sapphire’

Sapphire’ is a Space-Age Folk-Rock delight that showcases Diamond Thug’s genre-bending sound. 
The band send listeners on an expedition to outer-space with rolling guitars, electronic sequencers and a solid rhythm section, all topped off with an eloquent vocal delivery. ‘Sapphire’ is the fourth and final single leading up to Diamond Thug’s debut album: Apastron out 6 April 2018

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/diamond-thug/sapphire

iTunes/Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/album/-/id1356082010

Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/0IA5VCej9UIVUNtcCD0oH8

In 2016 the South African band, Diamond Thug, recorded their debut EP with the help of Dave Minehan (The Replacements) and released it to waves of support, Indie Shuffle calling it ‘…a joy to listen to’. After significant support on a double platinum selling collaboration, Diamond Thug have introduced their music internationally with singles ‘Eclipsed’, ‘Cosmic Dreamer’ and ‘Sweet Return’ which have garnered fast increasing support. ‘Choo Choo’ is available from February 9th via Phonofile.

Since their formation, Diamond Thug have continually evolved, always striving to create a unique sound that’s stay true to their perspective. Their music glides through dream-pop, skittish, off-kilter electronica & psychedelic-rock, creating cosmic-influenced ethereal soundscapes, which swirl below Chantel’s haunting, yet beautiful melodies. The pursuit of an authentic & honest sound has earned the band various honours in international competitions such as Culture Collide’s pick to perform at SXSW 2017, as well as Converse’s Music Global Takeover and the attention of Grammy Award winner Darryl Torr, who had this to say about the band: “When listening to Diamond Thug, you are taken on a journey. It’s the effortless vocals, supported by a solid band, that tips you over the edge & pulls you through into their world. It’s rare to find a voice that can execute such interesting melodies so effortlessly as well as a band that leaves space for the vocals to shine, yet are able to maintain musical integrity.”