One of the world’s trendiest coworking spaces just landed in Hollywood, but you don’t need to be a member to take advantage of the food—or the killer patio. That’s because Andrew’s Place, a verdant all-day café tucked inside L.A.’s first Second Home, is now open and it’s open to all.

Helmed by Croft Alley vet Phuong Tran, Andrew’s Place—named for the street it sits on—is a global breakfast-and-lunch affair, the kind of spot where you can find bento bowls sprinkled with matcha salt, burrata and tomato confit drizzled with basil oil, and red lentil dal with a side of carrot hot sauce. If you’re more of a morning person, it’s also the kind of place that’s got a full espresso bar, croissants and Wi-Fi (it’s still a coworking space, after all).

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Photograph: Courtesy Andrew’s Place/Valentina Cytrynowicz

Tran’s also made sure to round out the menu with a number of vegan and vegetarian options, and if the finished product is anything like the sample menu we’ve seen, you can expect dishes like basmati with curried cauliflower and celeriac mousse; plant-based pho with mushroom and lemongrass; miso eggplant with gochujang; and rustic toasts topped with strawberry-and-thyme jam and whipped cinnamon butter.

There’s even beer and wine, and a full bar that’s also open to the public, in case you’re really taking it easy during the workday. 

The new spot features indoor dining, plus a plant-dotted patio where you can take a seat on picnic benches under bulb lights, but more impressive still is the on-site garden program, which is growing some of the herbs and other ingredients making their way into the Tran’s dishes. You can take a peek at a few of the Andrew’s Place dishes, below, and if you’re curious about the London-founded Second Home, take a peek at the Hollywood location here.


Scrambled eggs with uni
Photograph: Courtesy Andrew’s Place/Valentina Cytrynowicz


The Andrew’s Burger
Photograph: Courtesy Andrew’s Place/Valentina Cytrynowicz


Salmon bento bowl with herbed rice
Photograph: Courtesy Andrew’s Place/Valentina Cytrynowicz


Fried chicken sandwich
Photograph: Courtesy Andrew’s Place/Valentina Cytrynowicz

Andrew’s Place is now open inside Second Home, located at 1370 N St Andrew’s Place. The restaurant’s hours are 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday. 

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