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Friday, September 29, 2023

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Chase Atlantic announce new single “MAMACITA”

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Australian trio Chase Atlantic announced a new single, “MAMACITA,” due out on Sept. 26. They’ve also shared a snippet of the song on social media, which you can hear below.

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When we spoke to the band earlier this year, they were still writing their next album and had 21 songs under consideration before they headed to Lake Tahoe to record. “We got a lot of ammunition,” lead vocalist Mitchel Cave says. “We haven’t created the weapon for it.”

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Cavel also emphasized the band’s genre-transcending style, saying, “Our sound is constantly evolving, and it maybe does seem like huge leaps and bounds to the outside world. We write and produce everything ourselves, so we’ve always been exploring and creating new styles of music. Whatever feels right in the stomach, really.”

He continued, “[The music] is only gonna keep changing, evolving and growing. And that’s the beauty of it. And the core fanbase are there for it, really. They’re definitely not against it.”

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