Charlie Void’s musical style is something that hasn’t really been seen since the 2000s, back when Pop Queens like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears dominated the charts for weeks on end. Charlie Void incorporates his love of dance music and pop culture with his raspy voice reminiscent of Christina Aguilera’s soulful pop smashers, a tonality that can only be described as the lovechild of David Bowie and Lady Gaga. Those who miss the golden age of pop will find pure Ecstasy in Charlie Void’s pop revivals, leaving you wanting to Just Dance!

Prepare to be transported to the days where everyone was raving over the likes of Gwen Stefani & Lady Gaga, that’s exactly what you’ll find with Just Dance! Unashamedly Dance-Pop!

Charlie said the following about the song:

I released Just Dance on 30 September 2019 and I’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback. On the 3rd of October I decided to come-out to my family as gay, some of them took it well and others not so much but I feel if I can’t be honest, I can’t be honest in my music either. It’s not like I want my sexuality to be a focal point of my music, but it is who I am, the same way my music is. 

Music has helped me deal with a lot of my insecurities despite it also being a major insecurity of mine. I want my music to do that for others as well, if one of my songs just help one person smile or find a reason to just dance then it’ll be worth it for me. 


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