When Carlos Vives launched his own record label in the early 1990s, his main purpose was to support emerging talent from his country and put all aspects of Colombian music on the radar. Gaira Local Music, which was born in 1993 with the release of Vives’ Clásicos de La Provincia album, is a label that bets on Colombian identity and diversity while exploring the sounds of the world that share similar origins.

Bringing fresh proposals to the music industry, the label has now partnered with Sony Music and The Orchard, which specializes in media distribution, marketing and sales, to present the three new artists signed under the label: Pacific Broders, Distrito Especial, and Esteban Nieto.

“Gaira Musica Local has been avant-garde and has been in the genesis of the new Colombian sounds. We have a history that reflects our identity and that is why today we want to deliver the brand with new proposals,” Vives said in an official statement. “We started with Pacific Broders, Distrito Especial, and Esteban Nieto because they represent part of our identity, they go from the Pacific, through national rock to the Caribbean with the tropical and vallenato.”

Marking each artist’s first single, the three tracks were recorded at the GML Studios in Colombia. 

Watch the music video of each of the artists below.

Distrito Especial

Esteban Nieto

Pacific Broders