Following 3 number one hit singles in South Africa, Carli J Myers is back with yet another smash hit, ‘Know You Better’. This is Carli’s first single off her series of Canadian collaborations.

Listen to ‘Know You Better’ HERE.

Carli recently traveled to Toronto to work with songwriters and producers who have worked with the likes of Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Fallout Boy, amongst many other international artists. These global collaborations have led to an exciting new series of upcoming releases with the first ‘Know You Better‘ out across all digital platforms today.

Carli co-wrote ‘Know You Better’ with rising Canadian writer and producer Adam Royce, who has had several successful cuts as a songwriter and producer in Japan. Carli loved her songwriting session with Adam. “I have the best memories of that day. Adam is fantastic and such fun to work with. So many laughs, good food and good vibes!”

What is ‘Know You Better’ about? Carli explains, saying “’Know You Better’ is about the experiences and emotions of falling in love and out of love. The retro coloured ride of temptation and imagination coming to life, and the reality of navigating your compatibility. It plots the sheer excitement of new romance and love, but when you get to know it better your experience changes and you start to find yourself a little less captivated. ‘Know You Better’ is also about empowerment, confidence, and finding clarity. It’s the journey of love and emotion.”

Carli keeps her life full, relishing the excitement of her travels and grabbing each opportunity. Having never been to Canada Carli thought, why not fly across the world to meet some new faces and write some new music.

“The trip was more than I could have asked for: 4 days, 4 sessions, 4 songs. My brain was filled with thousands of stories, melodies, and emotions. I met ridiculously talented individuals and left Toronto with unforgettable new experiences and memories.”

Carli also recently returned from Los Angeles, California, accompanying David Foster, Katherine McPhee, and Pia Toscano live on stage, an incredible achievement for this young South African!

Carli J Myers’ brand new single ‘Know You Better’ is out now across all digital platforms.

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