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Bridgerton Fans Want Rege-Jean Page as Superman in J.J. Abrams’ DC Reboot

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News of a Superman Reboot in the works at Warner Bros. has Bridgerton fans nominating Reg&é-Jean Page to star. This week, it was announced that Ta-Nehisi Coates would be writing a new Superman movie with J.J. Abrams producing for Bad Robot. It is also rumored that the studio is looking to cast a Black actor to play the titular superhero, though no names are currently attached to the project.

Previously, Michael B. Jordan had pitched a Superman movie to Warner Bros. with himself starring in the lead role. While it’s possible producers may still turn to Jordan as a candidate to play the next Superman, Page fans who’ve enjoyed his performance on Bridgerton are suggesting he take on the part instead.

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“I think Reg&é-Jean Page would make a great race-bent Superman,” writes one Bridgerton fan on Twitter. “He has the smoldering Boy Scout vibe. I see Michael B Jordan as a fantastic John Stewart.”

“Reg&é-Jean Page is gonna get nailed down for a comic book movie/series role pretty quickly, would love to see him as the new Superman,” another tweet reads.

“Since it looks like they are doing Black Superman, I think it is likely Reg&é-Jean Page will be in the mix,” another fan speculates. “He’s only 30, hot and I think he’d get women to go back to theaters post-pandemic. They do have Jason Momoa levels of thirst for him.”

Hoping to see how Page would look in the role with some fan art, another Bridgerton fan tweeted, “Reg&é-jean Page as #Superman in @jjabraham’s new superman film – someone please make some fan art right now and tell me he wouldn’t work. He’s perfect.” As another fan puts it: “I’m going to need Reg&é-Jean Page to play Ta-Nahesi Coates’ Superman, THANKS.”

The Superman reboot news has inspired a lot of interesting discussion over who could take on the role next, but the announcement has left Henry Cavill fans feeling disappointed. Cavill has been open about his desire to revisit the iconic superhero in a new movie, and there are many fans who were hoping to finally get a Man of Steel sequel. With Warner Bros. apparently going in another direction creatively, it now seems incredibly unlikely Cavill will ever get another solo Superman movie.

This isn’t the only reimagining of Superman DC fans can look out for. On the small screen, Tyler Hoechlin has been playing his version of Clark Kent for the Arrowverse in The CW series Superman & Lois. His portrayal has been widely praised by viewers and critics which is certainly not an easy feat for anyone stepping into such an iconic role. The future of the superhero on the big screen remains to be seen, but DC fans appear to be pretty happy with their television version of Superman for now.

No release date has yet been set for the Superman reboot. For what could be the last hurrah of Cavill’s Superman, you can catch him in the four-hour Zack Snyder’s Justice League when it releases on HBO Max on March 18. Meanwhile, if you’re not yet familiar with Page’s work, you can catch him in the first season of Bridgerton on Netflix.

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