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Brad Pitt may have just dressed up as his ‘Fight Club’ character Tyler Durden — by accident

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Brad Pitt dressed a lot like his famous “Fight Club” character Tyler Durden at his recent appearance at F1 Grand Prix. 

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On Saturday, Pitt, 59, attended the event alongside Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum and more in Las Vegas.

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Pitt wore tinted sunglasses, jeans, and a fitted jacket – similar to the look that his cool-guy anarchist character made famous in 1999. 

Pitt – who’s been dating Ines de Ramon, 30, for a year – has been to the F1 tracks frequently as of late, since he’s been filming the racing movie “Apex,” which he’s co-starring in with Javier Bardem, Damson Idris and Tobias Menzies. 

Pitt will play veteran driver Sonny Hayes, who has come out of retirement to compete alongside young rookie Joshua Pearce (Idris). 

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Brad Pitt attending the F1 event this weekend.
Getty Images
Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in “Fight Club.”

“It’ll be very exciting, we have Brad Pitt racing, we did some background filming and we’ll be back here next year,” producer Jerry Bruckheimer told Entertainment Tonight of the upcoming film.

“He does it all himself,” he added of Pitt. “He’s an amazing athlete, the drivers are amazed at how good he is.”

He concluded: “It’s all about the drama and the characters. It’s a great character study, the characters, drivers, the people around them who run those teams, the managers of the teams.”

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Tyler Durden in his famous fitted jacket.

On Saturday, however, Pitt seemed more interested in dressing like Tyler Durden than an F1 driver.

“Fight Club” came out nearly 25 years ago, following the unnamed narrator (Edward Norton) as an insomniac office worker bored with his life, who befriends the uber-cool soap salesman (Pitt), and the two form a fight club for men that soon spirals into domestic terrorism. 

Durden was the picture of masculine cool, because — spoiler alert from 20 years ago — it turned out that he was the narrator’s split personality, and the narrator’s fantasy of what he aspired to be.

In October, the movie made headlines when director David Fincher spoke out about how fans have misinterpreted it. 

Brad Pitt wearing Tyler Durden style tinted glasses at the F1 Grand Prix.
Getty Images
Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in “Fight Club.”
Tyler Durden in “Fight Club.”

“It’s impossible for me to imagine that people don’t understand that Tyler Durden is a negative influence,” Fincher told The Guardian at the time.

“People who can’t understand that, I don’t know how to respond and I don’t know how to help them.”

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