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Blood found in home of missing couple believed to be killed by tenant: cops

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Large pools of blood were found at the home of a missing Washington state couple police now believe was murdered by their disgruntled tenant – who “knew he was about to get evicted,” the victim’s sister told The Post.

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Authorities found the blood when they reported to Karen Koep and her husband Davido’s Lacey residence for a welfare check on Nov. 13, court documents released Monday said, according to KOMO News.

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It appeared that someone had tried to clean up the blood, the outlet noted.

There was also a blood trail leading to where the couple’s car would have been in the garage, the documents read – leading police to believe that Koep and Davido were shot before their bodies were loaded into the trunk of their own car.

Their bodies, however, have still not been found, KOMO News noted.

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Karen Koep, 63, and her husband, Davido, 68, are believed to have been murdered by their tenant.

The tragic new revelations in the case come a few days after Timothy Burke, 45, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping in connection with the couple’s disappearance.

He appeared in court for the first time on Monday, and is currently being held without bail after prosecutors argued he was a flight risk and a danger to the community, KING 5 reported.

Burke, of Olympia, was a tenant at Koep and Davido’s rental property at the time of the alleged killings – which Koep’s sister, Pauline Dutton, believes may have played a role in the supposed crime.

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“Apparently, there were some emails that went back and forth between him and Davido. I think he knew that he was about to be evicted. He was getting really delusional,” Dutton told The Post Tuesday.

Koep and Davido shared two adult sons.
Facebook/Karen Koep

“He thought that Davido was poisoning the water on the property. This poor gentleman definitely was having some mental issues,” she added.

Koep, 63, and 68-year-old Davido – who went by a single moniker – were listed as missing on Nov. 13 – but police now believe they were murdered three days earlier, Dutton explained.

“Neighbors did hear shotgun fire on Friday [Nov. 10] night, it was a very stormy night,” she told The Post.

“They looked out the window…but there were lots of pinecones falling that night, they didn’t think more of it.”

The couple were reported missing from their home on Nov. 13.

Koep was a popular chiropractor in the area, and the couple shared two adult sons.

“My poor nephews are just devastated and heartbroken. Both of their parents are gone,” Dutton said.

Police quickly zeroed in on Burke when they realized Koep and Davido’s credit cards were being used after they disappeared, the new court documents revealed, according to KING 5.

There was video surveillance of a male suspect believed to be Burke making the transactions, and investigators initially arrested him for identity theft – only to be released a day later due to lack of probable cause, KING 5 said.

Karen Koep was a popular chiropractor in her area.

Police also found red stains, cartridges, and a case containing five fired .45 caliber shell casings in Koep’s car, which was discovered abandoned in Olympia the same day they were reported missing, the outlet noted, the original court filing.

The cartridges were later matched to a registered pistol authorities recovered from the suspect, KING 5 reported.

Koep and Davido were remembered by the community at a vigil outside Koep’s chiropractic office Sunday, KOMO News said.

“The outreach, the legacy that she is leaving is incredible,” Ann Rettemier, a patient and friend of Koep’s, told the outlet.

“We are so supported by the outpouring of community – friends, patients, telling us all these amazing stories of selfless acts, of friendship, of selfless love…all these things that my sister did for people,” Dutton told The Post.

“I think [Karen] is definitely one of God’s top angels and is already working with him for us, because that’s what she did here on earth,” she added.

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