“Nog voor dit gebeur, skree ons klaar met verwagting. Dames en here, welkom by die slagting.”

22 Oct 2013 sees the official release of BITTEREINDER’s music video for their new single, DIE SLAGTING (‘The Slaughter’). This is the third official single from their second album, Die Dinkdansmasjien, which was released in November 2012. The previous two singles were Kwaad Naas and the title track of the album. DIE SLAGTING is BITTEREINDER‘s 2nd Afrikaans-Dutch rap collaboration with renowned Netherlands-based rapper, Tim Beumers.

The multilayered concept of the video was essentially shaped by the necessity to shoot the footage that makes up the video over a period of more than a year. The video was shot in Pretoria and Mozambique during six different shoots. The first section of footage was shot when Tim Beumers was in South Africa in 2012, when he performed with Bittereinder at the MK Awards. Louis’ sister, Magdalene Minnaar, plays the part of ‘the voice of the synth’ (an inter-video reference to the first MiNNAAR video, ‘Volcano’). The video also features Peach playing drums with a bag over his head, Louis headbanging in the shower and Jaco rapping loudly on the main street of a Mozambiquan village.

The three Bittereinder boys spent many travel hours discussing ideas for the various parts of the video, although the end result was formed primarily in Louis Minnaar’s visionary mind.

“We were largely inspired by the ridiculousness of post-modern life, the absurdity of trends, our collective inability to ‘keep up’, the shallowness of celebrity and fame, the concentrated violence which lingers in the corners and under the surface of society, and we were also interested in the newness which is created by juxtaposing ‘clashing’ concepts/colours/images/personalities/sounds.”

DIE SLAGTING video premieres online today on Rolling Stone here!

DIE SLAGTING will premiere on television tonight on MTV’s The New Sh*t at 17h30 CAT on DSTV Channel 130!






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