Beverley Mitchell, best known for playing Lucy on “7th Heaven,” now stars in a Christmas television movie with a twist different than most.

Rock N’ Roll Christmas” stars Mitchell, 38, as Ashlyn Rose, one half of an estranged mother-daughter country music duo. The film follows their reunion over the holiday season.

“One of the things that made me super excited about joining (the movie) is it’s a different type of Christmas movie because it’s actually more focused on a mother-daughter relationship and a broken relationship,” Mitchell told Fox News. “Obviously there’s the love aspect and there’s the other side of it, but it’s more focused on these two women who kind of had a big falling out and are finding themselves back together years later especially with Ashlyn now being a mother of her own.”


Being about country music stars, it’s only natural that Mitchell would sing a few tunes for the flick.

“I obviously loved the aspect of the music, it reminded me of The Judds, who I was a super big fan of growing up so it was super fun to join on (the movie),” she said. “It was a little scary and daunting especially because we did a lot of music but I was really thrilled with the way everything turned out.”

The movie will feature some classic holiday numbers, but also some original tunes, such as “Let’s Rock This Christmas.”

Mitchell is no stranger to singing on screen, however. She sang in a previous Christmas movie and a handful of times on “7th Heaven,” but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t nervous.

“I was really excited. It was one of those projects where you’re super nervous,” she admitted. “The movies that scare you are usually the most exciting.”

The music was all recorded by Mitchell and her co-star Catherine Mary Stewart, who plays Ashlyn’s mother, Bonnie Rose.

Mitchell was excited to work on a film about country music stars, likening the story’s roots to real-life mother-daughter duo The Judds, who she called “the end all be all” of country music.

“I’ve always been a country fan,” said the actress. “I love that music, I love the storytelling aspect, I just love the heart and soul of country. (The Judds) are so iconic that even people that weren’t big fans of country music still know who The Judds are, so when I read the script, instantly I was like ‘Oh my God, it’s like The Judds, this is amazing!”

The music wasn’t the only draw to the film for Mitchell, either.


“You can only do so many Christmas movies before they all start to seem very similar,” she noted. “So I was really excited about this one being a little different and centered on family rather than being centered on a girl who wants to find a man. It was really refreshing to have that element.”

She also knew early on that the film, which she says was filmed in “13 or 14 days,” was one she wanted to be in.

“Its funny, some scripts come to you and they just feel right,” Mitchell said. “You don’t really have to do research and you know it in your heart. When I read Ashlyn, I felt like we were so in tune that it wasn’t much of a stretch and I felt very connected to her immediately … I felt in my hearts that this was something that I could not only pull off, but do really well.”

Ashlyn’s fraught relationship with her mother is one of the points where she and Mitchell differ, however.

“I have a great relationship with my mom, but I definitely think that I’ve had enough experiences with people that have disconnected over the years so I think I could kind of tap into that,” she explained.

Beverley Mitchell said Jessica Biel helped her get through her miscarriage earlier this year.

Beverley Mitchell said Jessica Biel helped her get through her miscarriage earlier this year. (Getty Images)

While she has expanded her resume in recent years, Mitchell is always aware of her “7th Heaven” roots and says she’s open to following in the footsteps of “Full House” and “Beverly Hills, 90210” for a reboot of the classic show.

“I would love to see some of the stories continue, I would love to know where they are in their lives, I think that would be fun,” she said. “But who knows, it’s all about timing and seeing all the reboots happening now, it makes you think that there’s a strong possibility, so who knows?”

Mitchell said that she still has a “great relationship” with Brenda Hampton, who created the show.

“We talk about it all the time,” admitted Mitchell. “Just exploring what it would be like to get back into it. I think it would be fun to see where all those kids are because there are so many!”

“I would be all in,” Mitchell said in regards to her response should she be asked to return to the role of Lucy Camden.

In fact, Mitchell is well connected with most of the cast as well.

“I check in with everybody,” Mitchell says in regards to her castmates. “Everybody calls me the glue because I find everyone, but all of us kids are still pretty close, so that’s great.

Her closest castmate, however, is Jessica Biel, who played Mitchell’s sister on “7th Heaven.”

“I’m closest with (Jessica Biel), I think we had a very special relationship, growing up in that same world, so we’ve always stayed in a very tight-knit relationship,” Mitchell said. “She is one of my rocks and my dearest friends — more than a friend, she’s like a sister.”

Mitchell cited Biel with helping her to cope after a 2018 miscarriage. Those struggles, Mitchell said, are among the qualities that drew her to “Rock N’ Roll Christmas.”

“I love all the roles where I get to play a mother,” she said. “It was different having a teenage daughter because mine is six, so I guess it was kind of a look into my future. Before that and now being a mother, it’s so different than anything I could have ever imagined because it’s not something you can just innately know.”

“When I played a mother on ‘7th Heaven,’ I did the best I could but I didn’t know what that love was like, so now, being a mom, I definitely feel things differently.”

Mitchell even recalls beaming with pride when Kalaiah Guiel, who plays her daughter in “Rock N’ Roll Christmas” overcame her nerves and sang for the film.

“I was balling like a baby,” Mitchell said. “I was so proud of her and I was so touched and moved by her vulnerability and by her finding this moment in herself. I think that’s part of the maternal instincts in me that I was so touched. That’s something that you can’t prep for, it’s just instinct.”


“Rock N’ Roll Christmas” debuted up UPtv on November 10 and will wair throughout the holiday season.