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Bert Kreischer Relieved Coke Joke Was Cut From Tom Brady Roast

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Bert Kreischer made a joke involving his bag of nicotine patches during The Tom Brady Roast. Then it morphed into an accusation about cocaine, he told Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday, taking things into dangerous territory.

Kreischer had nicotine patches in a can in his pocket, but he was informed by the director of the roast that they were too distracting. “So I said, ‘Okay, and I put them in a little bag,’” he said. But that led ridicule by comedian Sam Jay.

“She started calling me a fake party animal, that I don’t even do drugs, I’m not even dead like the best ones.”

He continued, “So, I went into my pocket and pulled out my nicotine patches and I just wiggled them.”

Comedian Andrew Schulz chimed in. “Schulz goes, ‘You got a bag of blow on you?’ And the camera’s on me in the Forum and the Forum goes nuts, like, ‘This guy brought coke!’”

When Netflix edited together the roast, however, they cut the moment out of the broadcast, much to Kreischer’s approval. “Tom comes back and tells me, ‘You’re about to go viral, everyone’s going to think you’re a cokehead,’” Kreischer recounted. “But they edited it out thank God. I didn’t want to have to deal with my daughters. I’ve been saying no pills, no powder for years, and then dad’s rolling in with half an eight-ball.”

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