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Beauty and the Beast Prequel Series About Gaston & LeFou Confirmed for Disney+

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A prequel series centered around Beauty and the Beast antagonist Gaston and LeFou is a go at Disney+. While the series has been rumored for some time, the currently untitled project was officially announced during the recent Disney Investors Day event, with a few scant details about the series being revealed.

The Gaston and LeFou prequel series will be comprised of six episodes of live-action musical entertainment, with Beauty and the Beast stars Luke Evans and Josh Gad both set to reprise their roles from the 2017 live-action remake. The show will stream on Disney+, with the story set to expand the world of the billion-dollar movie, giving fans a chance to delve into the backstory behind the arrogant hunter and his dim-witted lackey.

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Returning star Josh Gad took to social media shortly after the announcement was made, assuring prequel sceptics that there is nothing to worry about, and that the series would be well worth it. “Luke and I will perform the sizzle live for you all. Don’t worry. Right @TheRealLukevans? #BeautyAndTheBeastPrequel,” he wrote.

Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, best known as the creators behind ABC’s Disney-based fantasy drama Once Upon a Time, are on board to write the Beauty and the Beast prequel series, with the duo also producing alongside Gad and Evans. In news that is sure to delight Disney fans, legendary composer Alan Menken, who crafted the music for the beloved 1991 animated original, will also return to write new songs for the Disney+ series.

While no title for the series has been officially announced, Menken may have already revealed the title of the show by accident during a recent interview. Whilst discussing the show, Menken refers to the Disney+ series as “The Little Town”, however further investigation has seemingly confirmed that it will go by the slightly shorter title, Little Town. The title is no doubt a reference to lyrics from the opening number in 1991’s Beauty and the Beast, in which the precocious bookworm Belle sings, ” Little town. It’s a quiet village. Every day. Like the one before. Little town. Full of little people.”

Both Luke Evans and Josh Gad proved to be very popular choices as the Disney live-action versions of Gaston and LeFou, with the former recently offering some insight into the project and his relationship with his fellow returning co-star, saying, “In the back of our minds, we definitely had thoughts about revisiting Gaston and LeFou in a different story, obviously. So, when the idea really came to fruition and we got on board some incredible writers, Josh, especially, had an incredible idea that, once it was born, it just flew itself. And when we pitched the idea to Disney+, they were very excited about it.”

One of the more controversial talking points surrounding the Beauty and the Beast remake was the romantic inclinations that Gaston’s loyal sidekick, LeFou, seemingly had towards the swaggering war hero, with many feeling that this was not addressed heavily enough. Thus, one of the aims for the Disney+ prequel series will reportedly be to rectify this. The series does not yet have a release date scheduled. This comes to us courtesy of Disney Investor Day 2020.

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