marvel heroes as disney villains
[Image by Anastasia Ivanova/IG: enstatia]

It can be said that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has many parallels with Disney. The rise of Disney+ has further cemented their bond with Marvel. For self-taught artist Anastasia Ivanova, the striking similarities of the two became a source of inspiration.

Combining Marvel media with Disney, Ivanova creates stunning digital works that artistically blur the lines between the two franchises.

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What started out as a Halloween project for fans developed into one that caught the eye of many people across the internet. Ivanova’s vision was to reimagine popular Marvel heroes as Disney villains. The series began with Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch reconceptualized as Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Since then, the artist has created a number of works that depict similar crossovers.

From Sam Wilson as Dr. Facilier to Agatha Harkness as Mother Gothel, Ivanova is continuing to gain recognition from a wide audience for her realistic renditions.

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On the second day of Ivanova’s six days of fan art, the artist created a crossover with Captain America’s Sam Wilson as The Princess And The Frog’s Dr. Facilier.

Another mashup included Captain America’s Bucky Barnes as Peter Pan’s Captain Hook amid a dreamy color composition.

Merging Marvel’s Agatha Harkness and Disney’s Mother Gothel, Ivanova created the perfect mashup.

Also reimagined was Hercules’ Hades as Marvel’s Loki — the main reason why Ivanova began the artistic series to begin with.

To wrap up the series, the artist combined Dr. Strange and Aladdin’s Jafar. 

Aside from MCU and Disney mashups, Ivanova continues to create pieces of art that capture Marvel characters in a unique light. You can find exclusive art prints by the artist here.

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