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Armie Hammer Loses Last Remaining Role in Billion Dollar Spy Following Assault Accusations

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Armie Hammer has now lost every single role he had lined up for the future following sexual assault allegations. The Lone Ranger and Call Me By Your Name star has been dropped from the upcoming drama Billion Dollar Spy, which he would have starred in opposite Mads Mikkelsen. This comes after he lost a series of other prominent roles in high profile movies. And his next release Death on the Nile has been delayed until at lease 2022.

Filmmaker Amma Asante is set to direct Billion Dollar Spy, which is described as a Cold War thriller. Walden Media has declined to comment further on Armie Hammer’s departure. Billion Dollar Spy was the final movie Armie Hammer had on his impending slate, with every studio he was set to work with having cut ties with the controversial actor. A number of other projects featuring Hammer wrapped before the rape accusations were made public.

Armie Hammer was supposed to return in Call Me By Your Name 2. That movie was not put into active development, and a script does not yet exist for the sequel to the Oscar nominated hit. While there had been much talk about Call Me By Your Name 2 moving forward, the drama was never greenlit by the studio. Now with the sexual assault allegations against Hammer, the film’s fate seems even more uncertain. Original director Luca Guadagnino also declined comment about this issue, and is currently working on a different project.

Hammer began to lose control of his Hollywood career after several women came out against the actor on social media. One of the actor’s former partners accused Hammer of rape in a case that goes back to 2017. The accusations led to an LAPD probe, with an assault investigation currently active with Hammer as the lead suspect.

Armie Hammer has denied the rape allegation and calls the claim ‘outrageous’. The actor has always maintained that any and all sexual interaction with any of his past partners has been consensual. Hammer was dropped from WME, and he lost two other high-profile roles. The first acting opposite Jennifer Lopez in Shotgun Wedding, and the second starring in Paramount’s The Offer, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal and tracks the making of Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather.

Allegations against Armie Hammer first surfaced on an anonymous Instagram account earlier this year. Screenshots showed alleged conversations that the actor had with unidentified woman, which depicted cannibalism and rape fantasies. Hammer never authenticated the messages. The woman behind the instagram account is the one now accusing Hammer of rape. Hammer’s attorneys have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

Billion Dollar Spy has not gone into production at this time due to the ongoing pandemic. There is no word on Armie Hammer’s recasting. Variety was first to report this news.

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