The problem with official trade-ins is that the company always gives you a value that’s less than ideal. However, the advantage is that they will almost always accept your device and you don’t  have to deal with the hassle of finding a buyer yourself and risk getting scammed or even robbed.


That being said, if you own an iPhone and have been a bit hesitant to go through Apple, you might be interested to learn that the company has actually raised the value of its iPhones. This means that assuming you are trading in a device kept in excellent condition, you should be able to get more than what was previously offered.

For example, Apple has increased the value for the iPhone 11 Pro Max where previously the max value was at $500, but it is now worth $515. The same goes for the iPhone 11 Pro where it is now worth $465, up by an extra $5. While it’s not exactly a huge jump in terms of value, it is still more than whatever previously offered and might still be a better and safer solution than trying to sell it yourself.

The increase in value doesn’t just apply to the iPhone but it also applies to other Apple products like the iPad and Mac computers.

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