Antonio Brown is back … on the attack.

The beleaguered, controversial and currently unemployed wide receiver has had a lot to say since being shipped from Pittsburgh to Oakland earlier this year, and his mouth — rather, Twitter — has rarely stopped running since.

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On Wednesday, Brown launched yet another attack on his former quarterback and Steelers teammate, Ben Roethlisberger. 

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“Check his stats before I came n (sic) I was done with that loser long time ago,” Brown wrote in a tweet Wednesday in response to a follower who suggested Roethlisberger should be credited for Brown’s success.

It’s not the first time Brown has attacked Roethlisberger. Over the summer, Brown told Roethlisberger to “shut up” and said he and the Steelers QB were “never friends.” 

It didn’t end there, however, with Brown making a claim that the NFL is “racist” — a claim he’s also made, and apologized for, in previous rants — and that the NFLPA is stealing money.

Brown, while absent from the gridiron, has been very, very online in recent months, going as far to apologizing to the Patriots on Instagram and posting a picture with Tom Brady, with a caption that reads “miss you big bro” in recent weeks.

Brown, currently locked in a civil suit which alleges he raped a woman, has played in a single game in 2019 and was released by the Patriots in the wake of the case being made public.

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