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Anna Paquin battles health issues to walk red carpet with cane

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Anna Paquin has caused concern among fans after being pictured walking with a cane on the red carpet.

The Oscar-winning actress was seen using the stick while attending the premiere of her new film A Bit Of Light on Wednesday (April 3), alongside her husband and former True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer.

It was Paquin’s first public appearance since the film received its festival premiere in October 2022.

The Canadian and New Zealand star, who won Best Supporting Actress at the age of 11 for her role in Jane Campion’s 1993 film The Piano, briefly addressed her undisclosed illness while talking to press on the red carpet.

“It hasn’t been easy,” she told People, without elaborating on her condition any further. The publication stated that she also seemingly had difficulties with her speech. However, one of their sources confirmed that Paquin is expected to make a full recovery.

The actress attended the premiere with Moyer, who directed her new film. Speaking about working with her husband of 13 years, she said: “He’s my favourite person to play with.”

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. Credit: Getty Images

Paquin also spoke about the early stages of her career, saying: “My first love was independent filmmaking. That’s how I entered the film industry. I was working with people who were all about telling stories and telling them with integrity and truth.”

In A Bit of Light, which was written by playwright Rebecca Callard, Paquin plays a mother who loses custody of her children and has to piece her broken life together while trying to remain sober. The film also Ray Winstone, Pippa Bennett-Warner, and Youssef Kerkour.

A Bit of Light will be released in the US on 5 April, while a UK date is yet to be confirmed.

Some of Paquin’s other credits include Margaret, the X-Men films, and Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman.

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