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AltPress Weekly: Joey Jordison, All Time Low, Angels & Airwaves and more

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[Photos via: Amindi/Christian Smiley; All Time Low/Nolan Knight; Joey Jordison]

It’s time for another AltPress Weekly. Each week, we highlight the things we want you to check out. We keep you in the loop about everything going on over at Alternative Press, along with all the music news that has us captivated. Of course, we also shout out the freshest music finds, from rarities and crate dives to brand-new releases and hits from your favorite artists.

This week is jam-packed full of so much new music, it’s impossible to fit everything in one article! There’s plenty to listen to, whether you love pop punk, metal, alternative or something else. If that’s not enough for you, we’ve also got our regular haul of lists, exclusives, playlists and premieres. Let’s get to it!

In memoriam: Joey Jordison

Joey Jordison, a founding member of metal legends Slipknot and a widely regarded drummer, has passed away at the age of 46. Family, friends and fans everywhere expressed their sadness as well as their love for the artist. It’s clear from their messages that Jordison was admired as a person as well as a musician. His family recalled his “quick wit, his gentle personality, giant heart and his love for all things family and music.” Meanwhile, dozens of musicians spoke about him as a collaborator, friend and influence. Of course, all noted his significant imprint on music, honoring the visionary musician who helped shift the course of rock music.

All Time Low – “PMA” (feat. Pale Waves)

All Time Low have returned with their latest single “PMA” featuring Pale Waves. The song title stands for “Post Modern Anxiety.” While the highbrow postmodernism reference and the word “anxiety” might evoke something unfamiliar and abrasive, the new track is heartwarming as can be. The song is designed to speak to feelings of isolation and the things we do to fend off feelings of despair and apathy. It also sends out the idea that, as ATL’s Alex Gaskarth puts it, “we’re all living it together.” The musical setting underscores the message. Chock-full of feel-good riffs and a singalong chorus, the track is sure to ease a troubled mind. For the track, the group enlisted longtime collaborator Zakk Cervini to produce the track.

1997 in punk music

AltPress’ resident Punk Professor Tim Stegall is back with another feature. This time around, Stegall breaks down the significance of the year 1997 for punk history. While many in the ‘90s heralded the coming age of electronic music, punk artists remained unphased. As a result, the genre continued to develop in new directions, while other artists finally found much-deserved success. “As usual, the punk world didn’t give a fuck what the media thought,” Stegall writes. “Punk rock was doing quite fine, thank you… Sleater-Kinney were coming up with fresh directions for riot grrrl… And the Mighty Mighty Bosstones were about to have a massive hit record, ‘The Impression That I Get,’ 14 years after forming.”

Amindi interview

Amindi ​​spoke with writer Erica Campbell ahead of her new EP, nice. During the conversation, the pair spoke about Amindi’s genre-bending approach to music, her desire to make music that is authentic to herself and the new project. Amindi also emphasized her desire to make a music that is all-encompassing and forceful. “Music, in general, is so universal, and I love so much of it,” she says, “and because I’m a Libra and have problems deciding what to do, I’m like, ‘Why don’t I just do all of it?’ A main driving force for that is because when I was younger, I was inspired by Santigold. I want to be somebody’s Santigold—that’s my main goal. I just want to be myself and do what I like doing and inspire people to do that as well.”

DoFlame – “All Out”

DoFlame, aka Mateo Naranjo, has released the new single “All Out.” The second single from the rising Brampton hardcore artist, the track follows “Bat House.” Both songs recall the raw energy of early hardcore, inflected with the vitality of the Northwest/SoCal sound. Ahead of the new release, we caught up with Naranjo, who spoke about his new material as well as his broader goals for music. Naranjo recalls the forceful energy of the youth punk scene, citing the energy of his friends and his city in driving his music forward. The new track was also accompanied by a video, designed to capture the young artist’s awe-inspiring ambition.

Turnstile – “BLACKOUT”

Turnstile are back with their new single, “BLACKOUT.” The new song was joined by a visual featuring animation from French designer Alexis Jamet and cinematographer Logan Triplett. The new video follows a string of creative projects. The group released a short film for their recent EP, TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION, which also appeared in select movie theaters prior to its release. The new track comes from the group’s upcoming LP, GLOW ON, due Aug. 27. In addition to the new release, the single “ALIEN LOVE CALL” (feat. Blood Orange) and the TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION EP will appear on the new record.

Hyperpop artists

In a recent article, Augusta Battoclette takes on the phenomenon of hyperpop. Battoclette brings authority to a genre that is often talked about but seldom understood on a deep level. Associated with artists such as Rico Nasty, 100 gecs, Charli XCX and glaive, hyperpop is complex and diverse. That diversity is the source of the genre’s power, allowing artists to speak to different communities and find their own way. Behind the headlines and the Spotify playlist is a vibrant group of artists who are changing what it means to be alternative for a new era.

HE Creative interview

This week, we brought Josh Madden’s interview with designer sensation HE Creative. The illustrator team of Phil and Charlotte Howell made a name for themselves through their eye-catching illustrations of dozens of music artists and collaborations with Toby Morse of H2O, Kanye West and Jessicka Addams of Jack Off Jill. The pair didn’t necessarily set out for success. “We were doing corporate stuff, and then we had a spell of really shitty clients,” Phil Howell says. “The work was soul-destroying. I had a mental breakdown and went full, ‘Fuck it, I’m going to start posting stuff on Instagram that I want to post.’ We were watching a lot of the CW Riverdale show, so I did a mashup of Betty and the Misfits logo. And it started to blow up.”

Angels & Airwaves – “Losing My Mind”

 Angels & Airwaves have released a new video for “Losing My Mind.” In the visual, frontman Tom DeLonge portrays his alter ego Disco, the brother of Boomer from blink-182’s video for “First Date.” Here, Disco is joined by Rampage, a well-known TikTok dancer. “This place, this fucking view?” Disco tells Rampage at the start of the video. “You could have that, too, if you let me help you help me get on TikTok.” The new song follows a string of singles, “Rebel Girl,” “Kiss & Tell,” “Restless Souls” and “Euphoria.” The video also dropped with a director’s cut version, viewable on the band’s website.

Oberhofer – “What Does It Mean To Me?”

Oberhofer, the musical project of Brad Oberhofer, is back with the new single “What Does It Mean To Me?” The new track follows “Just When You Need Yourself Most,” which dropped last February. Of the new song, Oberhofer says it contains a message about acceptance and coming to terms with the weight of the world. “It’s a reminder that not much really matters,” Oberhofer explains. “If something feels like it matters too much, you just have to ask yourself, ‘What does it really mean to me?’ That form of questioning enabled me to set my spirit free.” It’s a fitting message from the artist. Oberhofer went on Instagram Live to perform every night for 115 days during COVID-19, all with the goal of helping people feel less lonely in difficult times.

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