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Aliens Easter Eggs with Surprise Xenomorph Toys Inside Are Hatching at Walmart

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The perfect Easter eggs for horror fans now exist courtesy of Walmart, as the retailer will soon be selling Aliens eggs with Xenomorph surprises inside. Officially-licensed and featuring the trademark Aliens branding, the toys are developed by The Loyal Subjects. With preorders now live on the official website, the exclusive ‘Alien Easter Egg Pod Xenomorph Collectible Figures’ come in 4-packs that sell for $19.96.

On the outside, each egg looks like a traditional egg at first glance, though its shape will be familiar to anyone who’s seen Aliens. Inside will be different Xenomorph toys that come in all different vibrant colors and unique killer poses. Some of them glow in the dark and some figures are rarer than others, so you never know what you’re going to get with each pack.

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Per Walmart, the official listing description reads: “You’ve never seen the Easter Bunny like this before! Not the cute, furry, long-eared rabbit carrying chocolate treats for good boys and girls like we’re used to. This ‘Easter Bunny‘ comes from a far-away planet, dropping off easter eggs in disguise, but what’s inside is anything but sweets and treats! It seems as if an alien has taken over the role of the Easter Bunny, and instead of colorful, yummy, chocolatey eggs, this Xenomorph, erm, ‘Easter Bunny’ has switched the sweets out for alien pod eggs filled with Xenomorphs, Face Huggers, and Chestbursters…oh my!”

Each 4-pack comes with 3.19″-inch Egg Pods, with each egg containing two random Xenomorphs and one random creature. In other words, you get eight Xenomorphs and four creatures in every set. Xenomorphs stand from 1.5″ – 2″ tall, while Chestbursters and Facehuggers range from 0.75″ – 2″ tall. The eggs can also be closed back up, just in case you want to surprise anyone else with the surprise Easter eggs once you’ve already had your fun opening them.

Aliens is the second installment of the popular sci-fi action franchise. Directed by James Cameron, it stars a returning Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley, co-starring Michael Biehn, Paul Reiser, Lance Henriksen, Carrie Henn, Bill Paxton, Jenette Goldstein, Al Mathews, and Ricco Ross. Following up Ridley Scott’s Alien was no easy feat, but Aliens was a smash success, pulling in universal acclaim and drawing big at the box office. Several sequels would be made over the years, but Weaver says that Aliens was her favorite of the bunch to make.

“The best-constructed story for the character to tell was in Aliens, just because Jim [Cameron] has such an amazing sense of structure of story,” Weaver told Collider this month. “The whole set-up for Ripley in Aliens and then what she ends up doing and what it, finding this new family by the end. The whole structure of that story, to me, was gold. I always felt that I could jump up and down on it. It was such a great, supportive, arc for the character. In that sense, the second one for Ripley is probably the most satisfying.”

Preorders are currently live for the Aliens Easter egg 4-pack, and you can put in your order now at They’re expected to ship on March 22nd, so you should get the eggs just in time for Easter.

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