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Aladdin Star Mena Massoud Fuels Ezra Bridger Rumors with Instagram Tease

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Actor Mena Massoud has just fueled rumors that he may be headed to a galaxy far, far away. The Aladdin star has been linked to a major role in the Star Wars franchise. Namely, he is rumored to be up for the role of Jedi Ezra Bridger. If these rumors are true, Massoud would be bringing the Star Wars Rebels character to life in live-action. While the casting hasn’t been confirmed by anyone at Disney or Lucasfilm, the actor has just dumped some fuel on the fire with a recent Instagram post.

Mena Massoud recently shared an image of himself, shirtless, from a photoshoot. That, in itself, wouldn’t point to the Ezra casting rumors. But it was his caption that raised some flags. “Hey, just so you know, when I escape I won’t hurt any of you,” it reads. As noted by the Kessel Run Transmissions Twitter account, this is a direct quote. It was said by none other than Ezra Bridger in an episode of Star Wars Rebels. There is virtually zero chance that is by coincidence. It seems, at the very least, that Massoud is very aware that he is in the discussion.

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Whether or not fans want to read this as subtle confirmation of the casting rumors is up to them. But it does, at a bare minimum, indicate that Mena Massoud would be interested in taking on the role of Ezra, provided the opportunity. Taylor Gray voiced the character in Star Wars Rebels during its four-season run. As was the case with Ahsoka Tano, it seems Lucasfilm will cast a new actor to play the character in the flesh. Ashley Eckstein voiced fan-Favorite Ahsoka on The Clone Wars and Rebels, while Rosario Dawson played the part in The Mandalorian season 2.

Star Wars Rebels heavily influenced The Mandalorian, and that influence is expected to continue in some of the planned spin-offs Lucasfilm has in development. In particular, Rosario Dawson will headline an Ahsoka series. We know for sure that Ezra and Thrawn survived the events of the Star Wars Rebels finale. However, it has not been revealed where they are or what they have been up to since they blasted off into the wilds of space. But Ahsoka uttered Thrawn’s name in The Mandalorian season 2, signaling that the blue-skinned villain is ready to make his live-action debut. Ezra can’t be far behind. Several of these shows will lead to an untitled event series, which means both Ezra and Thrawn could get some significant screen time in the not-too-distant future.

Aside from taking on the title role in Disney’s Aladdin remake, Mena Massoud is known for his roles in Amazon’s Jack Ryan TV series and Reprisal. He is currently filming The Royal Treatment for Netflix. Disney is also developing an Aladdin sequel, which is expected to bring back the original cast. Will he next become a Jedi in the Star Wars galaxy? Time will tell. You can check out the original post from Mena Massoud’s Instagram.

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