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Action/Adventure explore an alternate reality in high-energy “Poser”—watch

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[Photo by: Chris Anderson]

Pop-punk group Action/Adventure revealed that they have joined the Pure Noise Records roster. To celebrate, the band released a high-energy video for “Poser,” off their upcoming EP Pulling Focus.

Action/Adventure shared the news on social media, expressing how excited they are to be among some of their favorite bands on the label.

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“Yuh. We’re ecstatic to finally announce that we’ve joined the [Pure Noise Records] family!” the band share in a tweet. “Alongside friends and some of our favorite bands growing up, we could not ask for more. We appreciate you all, from Rumble Pak to TikTok. If you’re new here, welcome to the squad fam.”

The five-piece are joining artists such as State Champs, Four Year Strong and Senses Fail on the Pure Noise roster. In fact, when Action/Adventure first formed, they were heavily inspired by Four Year Strong and Senses Fail when crafting their sound.

Drummer Adrian Brown, guitarist/vocalist Brompton Jackson and guitarist Oren Trace even started out playing together in a Senses Fail cover band before forming Action/Adventure with vocalist Blake Evaristo and bassist Manuel Avila.

As the band mentioned in their announcement, you might recognize them from TikTok where they started a viral hashtag #PopPunkInColor to bring awareness to the fact that not all alternative bands look exactly the same.

In their first TikTok, they posted the video for their one-minute track “Barricades,” which asks listeners, “Would you listen if we looked any different?” Posted in October 2020, the TikTok video currently has 1.3 million views. It also brought the band over 70,000 followers on the platform.

@actadvband#poppunk #poppunkisntdead #poppunksongs #poppunkmusic #poppunksnotdead #punk #emo #poc #breakdowns #diversity #black #filipino #mexican #israeli♬ original sound – Action/Adventure

Growing up in the scene and going to pop-punk shows, the band realized there often weren’t people who looked like them in the crowd and on stage. The hashtag aims to create a welcome and diverse environment where anyone can feel like they fit in.

The band have struggled with this issue in the past as a collective as people have even mistaken them for rappers while on tour.

“‘Let me guess, rappers?’ is a phrase we’ve been thrown multiple times throughout our six-year run as a pop-punk band,” the band exclusively tells Alternative Press. “We figure it stems from the fact that we don’t fit the usual image for what a pop-punk band usually looks like, and we hope to change that.”

This issue can also be seen in the video for “Poser” where the band take on alter egos to parody the extravagance of some rap videos.

“After hearing it numerous times, the comment became sort of a running gag for us,” the band continue. “While grinding our way through empty shows, van problems and other life difficulties, we’d often commiserate and joke, ‘Maybe if we were actually rappers people would take us more seriously.’ It was those comments combined with the uphill battle of chasing a dream and harsh realities that spawned ‘Poser.’”

Where some of their previous videos such as “Barricades” and “Parachutes” have a dark and somber vibe, “Poser” is all about having a blast living a different life

“The rap parody video was always something we wanted to explore as we wanted to try something more fun and different [as] opposed to the usual melancholy scenes of our past,” the band tell Alternative Press.

Directed by the band’s friend JoVaughn Trammell, who has won Emmys for his work on commercials and a documentary, the video starts off with a cinematic skit. Then, the whole band are transported to an alternate reality. Each has a new name such as “Moneyslide,” “Baby Fella” and “Boiardee.” They also have guns, stacks of money, diamond grills and other props commonly seen in many rap videos.

“[Trammell] help[ed] our ideas come to life by adding his own creative genius,” the band continue. “The video was a blast to shoot and does an excellent job showcasing us in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.”

Now that the band have signed with Pure Noise, “Poser” is just a taste of what is to come next ahead of the release of Pulling Focus.

“When writing our EP Pulling Focus we went in with the notion that this could be the last release before slowing down considerably,” the band exclusively tells Alternative Press. “It came from a place of exhaustion and frustration after dealing with the ups and downs of being in a band at this point in our adult lives. We think this single really sets the tone for what to expect lyrically and musically. We’ve all been playing music for decades, and we’re stoked to finally hit the ground running.

We hope this song and video gives people something to bop their heads too while showcasing our #poppunkincolor mantra: How you look shouldn’t dictate what you’re capable of. We’re all excited to share this EP and hope fans old and new can enjoy these songs that we all truly believe in and love.”

Pulling Focus is out April 30 and available for preorder here. You can also watch the energetic video for “Poser” below.

Action/Adventure “Poser” lyrics

I’m haunting you through words and verses
The stories that leave our tongues are leaving footprints on these empty beaches
But the tide rolls on
And it renders me speechless
They say you’re crashing but you’re no wave
Cause in this life there is a price to pay
Well I paid the toll
And it only feels like these roads are getting longer
And I’m not getting any stronger
Do you still believe in faith and curses
Cause i’m haunting you through words and verses
The stories that leave our tongues are leaving footprints on these empty beaches
But the tide rolls on
And it renders me speechless
They say you’re crashing but you’re no wave
Cause in this life there is a price to pay
Well I paid the toll

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