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Abducted IDF soldier Noa Marciano’s death confirmed by Israel after horrific Hamas video

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Israel on Tuesday confirmed the death of a 19-year-old female soldier abducted by Hamas who spoke to the camera in a recent propaganda video released by the terror organization — before the video cut to reveal her dead body.

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Israel Defense Forces Cpl. Noa Marciano had appeared in a video released by Hamas on Monday in which she provided identifying information, said she was being held in Gaza and pleaded with the Israeli military to stop bombarding the area.

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The video, which the Israeli military denounced as “psychological terrorism,” then cut to images of Marciano’s lifeless body.

The IDF on Tuesday said it now recognizes Marciano as a “fallen soldier held captive by a terror group,” the Times of Israel reported.

After the video’s release Monday, IDF representatives went to the Marciano family home to inform them of the video and the teen’s death.

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“Our hearts go out to the Marciano family, whose daughter, Noa, was brutally kidnapped by the Hamas terror organization,” the Israeli military said in a statement.

“The IDF and all the relevant bodies will continue to support her family, as well as all of the families of the hostages and missing persons. We are using all means, both intelligence and operational, to bring the hostages home,” the military said.

Noa Marciano
Israel on Tuesday confirmed the death of Noa Marciano, who was abducted by Hamas and spoke to the camera in a recent propaganda video released by the terror organization.

The IDF condemned Hamas for its consistent usage of “psychological terror” including through the dissemination of videos and photos of hostages.

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The military added that it made the declaration of Marciano’s death based on intelligence information, not the Hamas video.

Marciano was part of the Combat Intelligence Collection Corps 414th Unit. She was serving on the Nahal Oz IDF base and living in Modiin when Hamas invaded the Jewish country.

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Her mother, Adi Marciano, had been traveling around the world since then to advocate for her release, as well as the freedom of the other Israeli hostages held in Gaza.

In an interview with Ynet last month, Adi said she wanted her daughter to know “that I miss her and want her to come home.”

Noa Marciano
Marciano was part of the Combat Intelligence Collection Corps 414th Unit.
Family of Noa Marciano

Marciano was one of about 240 people taken hostage by Hamas terrorists during last month’s surprise incursion, which killed 1,200 people. After the horrifying Oct. 7 attack, Israel declared war on Hamas, killing over 11,000 people in Gaza since, according to Hamas-linked health officials in Gaza.

In the past month, Hamas has released four hostages, and the IDF has rescued one. The sparring sides are reportedly close to securing a deal that would see the exchange of Palestinian prisoners for most of the Israeli women and children held hostage in Gaza — as well as the promise of a five-day truce in the conflict.

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