A passenger in a car traveling down a California freeway was taken to the hospital after a metal bar fell from a big rig, speared through the car behind it and impaled the passenger in the leg.

A Chevy Impala was driving behind an “unknown big rig” on Saturday “when a large metal bar fell off of the big rig and landed on the roadway in front of the Chevy,” according to a Facebook post from the South Sacramento office of the California Highway Patrol. 

“The metal bar then bounced up and entered the right front of the Chevy, traveled through the engine compartment and entered the passenger compartment of the Chevy and impaled the right leg of the right front passenger,” the CHP posted on Facebook. 

The California Highway Patrol shared shared a graphic image of the bar still in the victim’s leg, as well a picture of a firefighter holding the bar. According to the Facebook post, the big rig didn’t stop. 

The victim, who was taken to a local hospital, is in stable condition, the California Highway Patrol said on Facebook.