Harlem Nights (Reggie)

If you’ve seen Harlem Nights, which is the only film Eddie Murphy ever directed, you surely remember the movie for Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx. But if you watch it again, keep an eye out for Arsenio Hall, who plays a mobster named Reggie with a very tiny, but memorable role.

You see, Reggie just can’t stop crying because his brother, Tommy, was killed. I mean, it’s a serious scene, but Arsenio Hall is just going on and on while he’s loading up his Tommy (I see what you did there) gun to kill Eddie Murphy’s character. He even hits a pothole in the backseat of a car and shoots the man up front, which is kind of like a reverse Pulp Fiction moment when Vincent shoots Marvin in the face. And then the way he dies is just unbelievable. This role in Harlem Nights is probably my favorite Arsenio Hall moment in any film ever.

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