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10 next-gen pop-punk bands who will transport you back to the 2000s

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We knew we meant it when we said it wasn’t a phase. What we didn’t know, however, was just how attached we were going to be to 2000s pop punk forever.

Fortunately, despite the mainstream decline, the genre is alive and well. While many early favorites such as All Time Low and Mayday Parade continue to thrive, we’re also seeing new bands step into the spotlight. Quite a few of these artists take extensive influence from the scene and are quick to throw us right back.

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Here are 10 of our favorite next-gen pop-punk bands with totally 2000s sounds.

The Home Team

This Seattle-based band only debuted in 2014, but you’d be hard-pressed to distinguish them from early greats. The Home Team deliver high-energy, ultra-melodic pop punk that will surely resonate with any fans of Fall Out Boy or Panic! At The Disco. It seems appropriate that they’re signed to Revival Recordings seeing as they’re pretty emblematic of the revival era. Be sure to check out their debut album, Better Off, for the full effect.


Seeing as they come from Chicago, it’s no surprise that Pure Noise Records‘ latest signees Action/Adventure are beacons of pop punk. The only thing that sets this heavy-leaning outfit apart from the early scene? Their open and on-point criticism of it. Listen to their one-minute track “Barricades” to hear them confront the challenges presented by a lack of diversity in the genre.

Meet Me @ The Altar

Fueled By Ramen already put its seal of approval on this band, and that’s about as indicative as it gets. Meet Me @ The Altar debuted with their EP, Changing States, in 2018 and have had a fire under their feet ever since. Check out their latest release, “Hit Like A Girl,” for all the upbeat, empowering pop punk your heart can handle.

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Those Without

Believe it or not, Sweden’s pop-punk scene is pretty hot right now. That’s what you get when you’ve got the likes of Millencolin to inspire the masses, though. Örebro’s Those Without are a perfect representation of everything the Swedish underground has to offer. With high-energy instrumentation and gut-wrenchingly evocative lyrics, they could sit comfortably on any 2000s playlist. Don’t want to take our word for it? Just listen to their latest single, “Seattle (Revisited).”

Forever Emerald

If there’s any next-gen band that epitomize Warped Tour energy, it’s Forever Emerald. This Los Angeles-based outfit broke out onto the scene in 2019 and are already making waves. However, that’s hardly surprising once you hear them. Between their punchy, eclectic backings and dynamic vocals, they’re ripe to slap you in the face with nostalgia. Just listen to their debut EP, Safer Space, and try to tell us they wouldn’t kill onstage with the likes of You Me At Six.

The Second After

This Durham, North Carolina, band literally put out a song titled “A Very Pop Punk Wedding.” May we rest our case? Another heavy-hitter from the Revival Recordings roster, the Second After infuse pop punk with a healthy dose of post-hardcore. Stream their latest EP, We Are Who We Are, to get a good taste of their multifaceted, 2000s-influenced energy.

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What Makes Sense

What Makes Sense are another powerhouse group that recently hit the scene. Formed in 2019 in Poughkeepsie, New York, the band debuted with their catchy and totally nostalgic single, “Spooky.” They’ve since put out a full EP, Fear And Loathing In The Northeastthat’s worth a listen for any early fans of New Found Glory or the Wonder Years.

Go For Gold

Evanescence may have put Arkansas on the alternative map, but Go For Gold are promising to make a name for it in pop punk. This emerging outfit hit the scene in 2017 with their EP Stranger and have been killing it with their punchy melodies ever since. We suggest starting with their 2020 EP, Color Me, to hear everything they have to offer.

Magnolia Park

If you were a fan of the specific emo air that largely characterized 2000s pop punk, you’ll be an instant fan of Magnolia Park. Coming to us by way of Orlando, Florida, this group have been cranking out heavy hitters since 2018. While they boast a nostalgic sound, they modernize it with a hip-hop twist that’s captured the attention of greats such as Capstan and Belmont. Be sure to check out their debut mixtape, Dream Eater, for maximum reminiscence.

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Settle Your Scores

What is it about the Midwest that generates pop-punk prodigies? Cincinnati’s Settle Your Scores are a perfect representation of the phenomenon with their catchy riffs and added metalcore flair. Give their sophomore album, Better Luck Tomorrowa listen and try telling us you believe they debuted in 2016.

Who are your favorite modern bands that bring on the 2000s nostalgia? Let us know in the comments!

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