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10 new alternative songs you need to listen to immediately

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[Photos via: Visioner, Jeris Johnson, PLEXXAGLASS/Spotify, YUNGMORPHEUS/Enkrypt Los Angeles]

With the start of a new week, it’s easy to fall back on old favorites. Of course, familiar artists have a way of getting you through the grind, of giving you a bedrock that can help you through the day. Nothing beats a classic, and we’re no stranger to blasting that one perfect song on repeat just to give us the energy we really need.

Even so, it’s sometimes important to have a fresh start. Nothing is worse than the same old same old, whether you’re stuck on a Zoom call or counting down the seconds to Friday afternoon. So, let’s not forget about all the fresh talent constantly popping up around the world. Music is always evolving. Occasionally, something new can be the perfect boost.

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With that in mind, we pulled together 10 of our favorite new songs. These tracks range in genre, from low key hip-hop beats and easy vibing pop punk to snark-ridden metalcore and snot-drenched punk. What they have in common is they’ll all help get your mood right as you start the new week.

duendita – “bio”


For fans of: OSHUN, Ricky Reed, Kari Faux

Accompanied by a lone piano, duendita opens her latest single with dynamic vocalizations before being joined by moving rhythms. The singer says the track looks at the human experience and everything that comes with it, whether we agree to it or not. “‘bio’ is an existential dance song reflecting on a distaste for involuntary experiences as a human exploring themes of reality, creation and surveillance,” she says. “’I didn’t ask to be born,’ yet you still have to find [and] cultivate joy in order to survive.” The single follows “Open Eyes” as the second track of 2021.

Eternal Boy – “Bad Days Are Over”

For fans of: Driveways, Sincerely, Me, Youth Fountain

As the title track and opener for their latest LP, Eternal Boy share an optimistic attitude with “Bad Days Are Over.” Using pop-punk riffs and upbeat rhythms, the trio look to the future while also reminiscing on pre-COVID times. The wholesome music video features heartwarming shots of the band spending the day at Biggies Bullies, a dog shelter focused on finding Pit Bull-type dogs a home. Produced by Chris Badami (The Starting Line, the Early November) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Green Day, Taking Back Sunday), Bad Days Are Over is out now via Four Chord Music

Isabella Lovestory – “Kitten Heel” remix (feat. Hook, Ebhoni)

For fans of: LYZZA, Goldie Boutilier, Shygirl

Isabella Lovestory shared another version of her Mariposa track with the remix of “Kitten Heel.” Alongside vocalists Hook and Ebhoni, the Honduran singer delivers an electric new version of the reggaeton track. Dark synths accent each beat as the singers deliver their respective verses with attitude. “Kitten Heel” is featured alongside the Club Eat rendition of the song as well as other remixes on her latest release, Remix Mixtape

Jeris Johnson – “One Night”

For fans of: Zero 9:36, New Medicine, Fame On Fire

Jeris Johnson unleashes a party with bouncing beats on his latest single, “One Night.” The TikTok star melds pop rhythms with rock guitar stylings, creating a heavy trap beat that’s enhanced by his gritty vocals. Johnson previously collaborated with Papa Roach for “Last Resort (Reloaded)” for his latest EP, my sword, and recently released a remix of Bring Me The Horizon’s “Can You Feel My Heart.” 


For fans of: Halsey, SPIDER, Entropy Zero

Alt-pop singer PLEXXAGLASS (Alexxa Joan Rae) aims to take back the power of their identity with “LILITH.” Produced by Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, the track features massive crescendos, with Rae’s vocals soaring above each beat. “’LILITH’ is a reclaiming of bodily autonomy for all humans with or without reproductive organs,” they say. “It’s a rallying of folks within the entire sexuality and gender spectrum to denounce those who try to keep us from thriving.” The single is their first of 2021 and follows a collaboration with Entropy Zero and Soul Extract for “No Time To Die.”

Sloth Fist – “Mothman Is Real”

For fans of: Teenage Bottlerocket, Rotting Out, Knocked Loose  

Sloth Fist conjure the melodic intensity of Descendents in the title track for their debut LP, Mothman Is Real. Relentless drums power through each verse, slowing only for a resounding break of fiery riffs and screams. The album is available via Mindpower Records and also features previous releases “All I Know” and “Nicotine.” 

Sunset Lines – “Season Of The Witch”

For fans of: Blondie, Jangle, Just A Band

Sunset Lines share a resonating piano ballad with “Season Of The Witch.” Inspired by horror movies, specifically focused on the “final girl” trope, the track explores toxic dynamics through soft lyrics and harmonies. [It] got me thinking about how akin this storyline is to that of a controlling or abusive relationship—drawing upon my own experiences and those so many have gone through—a haunting experience of its own,” lead singer Liz Brooks says. “This song resonates with me in a deeply personal way based on those experiences.” The track follows their previous single “Unresponsive” and is featured on the band’s latest EP, Home Anywhere.

The Undertaking! – “The Problem With Being Included In The Apocalypse”

For fans of: Every Time I Die, the Dillinger Escape Plan, The Chariot

Opening their debut LP, the Undertaking!’s “The Problem With Being Included In The Apocalypse” invites listeners in with slamming drums and sonorous screams. Mosh-worthy breakdowns paired with gang vocals lay the foundation for powerful progressions, leading the track with intricate rhythms and tempo changes. Produced by the Used guitarist Joey Bradford, Funeral Psalms is the group’s debut album and follows their 2019 EP, Scavengers

Visioner – “Psyche”

For fans of: Belle Haven, Versus Me, Isotopes

Visioner reflect on previous experiences with drug misuse in their latest single. With intricate guitar progressions and haunting choruses, “Psyche” takes listeners through the thoughts of someone who’s lost and is suffering in their own turmoil. Singer Robbie Wilson says the lyrics for the track were based on his dark times. “Realizing that all of it was just in my head, I pulled myself out of what was a horrible experience but came out strong-willed and knowing not to put myself in that place ever again,” he says. “I really just wanted to share my experience and [want to] try to help anyone who has struggled with or is struggling with drug abuse and the horrible state of mind that it can sink you into, knowing that you are not alone and you can come out of it stronger.” “Psyche” is the band’s first release since their 2019 EP, Lucid Entity

YUNGMORPHEUS, Eyedress – “Candyman/Four Week Cure”

For fans of: Fly Anakin, maassai, AKAI SOLO

YUNGMORPHEUS and Eyedress team up for a double release of “Candyman” and “Four Week Cure.” Made up of slow-moving beats, both psychrap tracks offer a first look at a joint project between the rapper and producer, which will be released later this year. The singles follow YUNGMORPHEUS’ previous LPs this year, Thumbing Thru Foliage and States Of Precarity. They’re also the third release of the year for Eyedress, following previous singles “Jealous (remix)” and “Cotton Candy Skies.”

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