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10 artists who reimagined their songs with a live orchestra

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We can never really get enough of our favorite artists experimenting with their sound.

While we love pop punk and alternative rock as much as anyone, it’s nice to hear artists transform their songs in an entirely new way.

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Several artists in the scene have released instrumental or orchestral versions of their songs that sound like they came from completely different artists. An orchestra will take a hardcore track and make it their own, giving it a melodic and dreamy sound.

We decided to recognize 10 orchestral performances of songs by alternative artists. You can check those out below.

Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon released a live album featuring the Parallax Orchestra, which contained a medley of their songs. It’s filled with atmospheric renditions of BMTH tracks, accompanied by Oli Sykes‘ vocals.


Most recently, Architects released an orchestral version of their song “Animals” that’s a must-listen. Even with the orchestra, the song keeps its bombastic and heavy energy. However, it’s made even better with the inclusion of strings, trumpets and other instruments.


Evanescence are truly no strangers to experimenting with orchestras in their sound. For their Synthesis era, they went on a full-fledged tour accompanied by an orchestra because they knew how amazing it sounded live. It’s the way that Evanescence songs are meant to be heard.

Roddy Ricch

Orchestral versions of popular rap songs is an underrated and untapped potential. Roddy Ricch‘s version of “Ballin” featuring a live orchestra is dynamic and fresh—and should be a sign to other rappers to try out the medium.

The Maine

While the Maine are never shy about a classic jam session, they did something totally out there for this rendition of “Numb Without You.” The live version is accompanied by an orchestra, which provides an added energy to the already upbeat track.

You Me At Six

You Me At Six‘s orchestral version of “Glasgow” is like a giant triumphant crescendo. It starts off slow and melodic but builds up to an all-encompassing anthem that demands your attention.

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey‘s voice and orchestral instruments go hand in hand. So, this version of her song “Young And Beautiful” is like a gorgeous wedding song. Honestly, it sounds like it was meant to be the original version of the track because the instruments add so much to the song.

Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd completely transformed Diplo‘s “Wish,” which he’s featured on, into a heartfelt and emotional ballad, thanks to an accompanying orchestra. The original definitely allows more backing instruments to occur naturally, and this version of the song proves that.

Stevie Nicks

If you didn’t think that “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac could be any more of a tear-jerker, you haven’t heard this version. Stevie Nicks performed the song with a live orchestra, and it’s as emotional as a song could possibly get.


Metallica haven’t been reluctant about performing alongside a live orchestra—and it’s truly a match made in heaven. The original heavy-metal tracks, such as this version of “Nothing Else Matters,” become more complex and slowed down, thanks to the added instruments.

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