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10 artists who bring together elements of alternative and hip-hop

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[Photos via: Waterparks/Jawn Rocha, K.Flay/Koury Angelo, grandson/Spotify, YUNGBLUD/Jonathan Weiner]

In the year 2021, being confined to one genre is a thing of the past. Artists have pushed the boundaries when it comes to sound, so even the lines of pop punk, hip-hop, rock, heavy metal and more can be blurred.

Particularly in the past few years, rap and punk have formed a cohesive bond. Look at Machine Gun Kelly‘s recent album, which was totally pop-punk and rock-based. Or an artist like Vic Mensa, who shifts through a wide range of genres seamlessly in one song.

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And as this shift has happened, some strictly pop-punk and rock artists have begun expanding into other realms, such as hip-hop. We decided to shout out 10 artists who incorporate hip-hop elements into their alternative music.

Chase Atlantic

Chase Atlantic started out making strictly pop-punk and rock music that always had a bit of an alternative edge. And their latest album, BEAUTY IN DEATH, is filled with the band’s signature blend of hip-hop sensibilities, alt-rock resolve and emo lyricism that sounds like it was made in a bedroom—because it was.

All Time Low

All Time Low were pop-punk vets in the 2000s, but like a lot of bands, their sound has shifted over the years. They’ve dabbled in experimenting with hip-hop through collaborations with artists such as blackbear and adding an edgier beat to their tracks that isn’t always guitar-heavy.


Waterparks have a quintessential pop-punk sound mixed with elements of electronic music. In their most recent releases, they’ve added bass-heavy beats, which we’re sure to hear more of on their forthcoming album, Greatest Hits. Plus, collaborations with new artists such as DE’WAYNE even feature fast singing by Awsten Knight, which sounds like the rock version of rapping.

Travis Barker

blink-182 drummer Travis Barker is a pioneer when it comes to mixing rap and pop-punk music. He’s collaborated with major artists across the genre spectrum. If you don’t believe us, listen to his collaborations with Vic Mensa, YUNGBLUD and Halsey, Lil Peep, 93PUNX and more.

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy hit the scene as one of the biggest emo bands of all time. But as they’ve grown and changed throughout their career, so has their sound. After their late 2009 hiatus, they returned with new music that’s inspired by hip-hop, synth pop and other genres. Additionally, they’ve released collabs with rappers such as Lil Peep, Wyclef Jean and more.


jxdn began his music career just a year ago after reaching TikTok virality, and boy has he had quite the start. His pop-punk edge caught the attention of Barker, Machine Gun Kelly and more. He has a pop-punk sound that takes influences from SoundCloud rap, which is reminiscent of MGK‘s recent shift.


YUNGBLUD has pioneered his own genre of angst-filled, honest pop-punk anthems with a hip-hop spin that resonates with young people today. He’s collaborated with artists across the board, including Bring Me The Horizon, blackbear, Halsey, MGK and more. And his sound gets edgier with every song he drops.


grandson is a master at combining heavy guitars, trap beats and electro influence with a punk flair. He’s created his own niche of the punk-rap genre, which is only influenced by his various collabs, including tracks with Mike Shinoda, phem, Tom Morello, Whethan and more.


K.Flay has developed her own style that combines elements of lo-fi, pop, indie and hip-hop. She’s worked with various artists, including WhethangrandsonX Ambassadors, which exudes confidence and power weaved throughout groovy beats.


MOD SUN‘s music is highly influenced by hip-hop, but he did get his start in the pop-punk scene. He’s played for various bands before going solo, combining elements of punk, psychedelic rock and hip-hop. And he recently collaborated with Avril Lavigne, which automatically makes him one of us.

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