Ultra Music Festival survival guide

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Thousands of people from all over the world will descend on Cape Town and Johannesburg for the Ultra Music Festival happening Friday Feb 24th in Cape Town and Saturday Feb 25th in Johannesburg.

After years of covering festivals, we have learned some basic do’s and don’ts that make the experience more enjoyable.


Ultra South Africa is going completely cashless again!

All your money will be loaded onto an Ultra SA wristband, which will be issued to you upon arrival. Top up at the festival at one of the strategically located top up stations or online before the festival by following the below links:

CPT – https://www.howler.co.za/events/UltraCPT
JHB – https://www.howler.co.za/events/UltraJHB

If you don’t spend all your money, you can cash out your remaining balance online after the festival.

Please note: There will be no deposit fees payable for your wristbands. No onsite refunds. Online refunds only post the festival. (R20 Bank/Admin to apply)

See bottom of page for the How To Guide for the money loading.

Photo identification

Ultra only admits people 18 or older. That means you cannot attend the festival without providing an ID. Leave your fake one at home.


This isn’t news for anybody. People often dehydrate at the festival for drinking and dancing too much under a scalding sun.

Don’t forget to drink water.


You’ll be walking and jumping all day, and so will be thousands of people right next to you.

Wearing sneakers or closed-toe shoes is just common sense. It’s never fun to be stepped on by a person in a banana costume or wearing sandals on a ground filled with trash.

Sunscreen and lip balm

“Wear sunscreen” is always good advice. You don’t want to get a sunglasses-shaped sunburn. Wearing sunscreen in South Africa is a smart decision pretty much all year.

A sealed plastic bag for your cell phone

Cell phones break at Ultra. It may rain, someone could spill a drink on it, or you may just sweat too much and break it.

Carrying it in a sealed plastic bag is cheaper than buying a new phone.

What you shouldn’t bring

Ultra has a long list of forbidden items. Here are the most unusual ones:

Stuffed animals
Real animals
Facial masks
Opened packs of tampons or cigarettes (closed ones are fine)
Glow sticks
Balloons, balls and Frisbees
Water guns, squirt guns or spray bottles
Bicycles, skateboards or scooters
Umbrellas — bring a poncho instead.
Chairs, blankets, sleeping bags or tents
Musical instruments or whistles
Laser pens
Pens, markers and spray paint
Poles, sticks or “totems” (including your selfie stick)
And here are the most common-sense ones:

Food and drinks
Flammable items or liquids
Professional camera or audio recording equipment
Opened medication

Know The Stages and Times.

Nothing is more frustrating than missing your favorite artists performance. See here for the times:

How to get the money

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