Stanley June Launches ‘City of Angels’ Music Video

The Johannesburg solo artist, Stanley June, is excited to share his latest music video for the track, ‘City of Angels’, with the world.

The song ‘City of Angels’ is off Stanley June’s debut album, ‘Imitating Art’. The concept of the video came to Stanley in a dream and he simply knew that he had to transform the vision into reality. “The dream revolved around puzzle solving – like a giant mysterious case waiting to be pieced together,” Stanley June explains. The ‘City of Angels’ song title made a mystery about flying objects an obvious concept choice, and he decided to link this idea to his home town, Joburg.

The music video follows the story of a detective (also played by Stanley June) who tries to solve the case. As the video progresses, it turns out the answers have been right in front of him the entire time and everything took place inside his mind. Friends of Stanley helped him with styling and make-up, directing and filming. He took the editing task fully upon himself. Stanley June is known for being a competent videographer, making all his own music videos. “I have always been passionate about creating things, whether it’s music, writing or making videos. Making my own videos, I feel that I have a greater sense of control over what I want to express with the finished product,” he says.

This is Stanley June’s third music video, but definitely the one he feels the proudest of as it’s much more intimate and personal than his previous videos. The aim was to capture close emotion and thought. “I had access to better camera lenses this time around, as well as assistance with the actual filming, which added a lot more movement and depth to the shots. I think visually it is far more appealing than the previous videos I’ve released,” Stanley conjures.

Watch the video here:

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